Thursday, April 30, 2009

mangdu to cemput

my recorder

I have a great day today. I woke up at 8am (was so happy with that hehe), had only 1 class today, then went to ITC Mangga Dua with Inggrid until 5pm. I already got my clutch to use in my cousin's wedding, on May9. I also found 2 necklaces, i loved them. But, still thinking where and when i can use it hehe, but, i still have lots time to use it, so, no need to worry now. And the big news, i got black Longchamp bag. Yeah, yeah, i know it's too late for me to buy that bag, but i liked it, so don't complain me hehe. But, eventhough it was not an original one, the price still expensive for this size. I bet you'll agree with me. I hope no one will yelling me about this bag, except Inggrid hehe.

Tomorrow, still will be a great and tired day. I have 2 classes, and still have to go to Cempaka Putih to interview HRD Manager of PT. Kalbe Farma, tbk. Both of us, me and Inggrid was so happy to know that we can interview her, hope that we'll get her point straightly so we won't interview her twice. And also it will be my first time to have an interview using my recorder. Ow, ow, such a lil curious about it, but, if i get problems i still can use my or Inggrid's handphone. So, we'll rock Kalbe Farma tomorrow and thanks for my beloved Kak Kiki, whose help us a lot :)

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