Friday, April 17, 2009


I just got home after cut my hair (second time this year) in Anthony Salon, near to my crib and had dinner. It healed me a lot after faced this bored week. I loved it. Well, maybe i get weird with my hair now, but, it's okay, at least for tonight, after Desi keep telling me that this cut is better. Thank you, Pussycat Dolls hehe.

I guess i can list some random for this week, here they are :
1. I have finished my mid-semester test, got better and more ready after i failed one subject, argh!
2. My mom got something serious with her health, and it made me more curious with her.
3. I had laryngitis, went to the doctor and have to drink some medicine, and still not finish yet, poor me.
4. Me and Desi went to RS Mitra Intl by busway visited Arlene, hope she'll get better soon and glad because we had tasty dinner in Grogol Food Centre after it.
5. He got "bintitan" hihi.
6. I owed Desi a lot, after i forgot to bring my wallet today. How stupid i am!
And that's the point i wanna say in this post, about wallet.

I forgot to bring my big wallet, so Desi paid my whole treatment and dinner first. Tomorrow, i promise her to return hers. I owed her for these two days. Wah wah. I really forgot to bring my wallet. And lucky me, i have Desi as a close friend. Wah, Desi, you have to thanks me for this writing, i have written your name here hahaha.

Well, I have changed 2 wallet in Jakarta. First, i bought a wallet before i went to Jakarta. I loved the style, instead of the skin. So, i changed it to my most favourite wallet, the maroon one, but, i forgot where i've put it, so i didn't picture it. I bought the maroon wallet in Plaza Semanggi, while having shopping spree with Arlene and Desipus. And at last i changed to this cute Betty Boop wallet from ITC Mangga Dua. As i can remember, this shop only selling Betty Boop and Olive Oyl' original merchandise (as they told me, and i proved it by the license card inside the wallet) . I felt lucky actually when i got this wallet because i love it's style, but once again, i wasn't conform with the skin until now. So, i kept on searching for a new one. Hope i can get it in the right time, because i still in love with this Betty Boops's wallet.

My last wallet in Manado. I remember i bought this in Planet Surf, Manado Town Square. I proved my nationalism by purchasing this wallet, didn't i? hehe.

My current wallet now. See how cute the Betty Boops here hehe.

In some event i used this small Roxy turquoise wallet, while shopping in rush hour especially and very crowded place. I have the bag, too. I loved them both. I used this wallet in High School, and kept it, still love the memories, colors, it made me miss my High School a lot!

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