Sunday, April 5, 2009

God, donkey and me

The most gloomy animal of all.

Happy Sunday, bloggie.

I bet you'll be disoriented with this post's tittle. Well, i think it'll be the most suitable tittle, so i choosed it. This morning, when i woke up, i had 2 smses, one from Ando, and one from him. Then, after replied it, i started to pray and read my bible. Guess what i've found? A story when Jesus entered Jerusalem, before he'll be crucified on the next Friday (Good Friday) on Luke 19: 28-40. Have you guys read about it? Do you know, that Jesus riding a donkey to enter Jerusalem? See the bold one, yeah, donkey. Jesus riding a donkey, which us know, the fool and slow-moving animal.

Donkey isn't like horse, horse is more expensive than donkey, so does cow or even goat i think. Because as i read bible, i never find that people gave donkey as their sacrifice for God, or have you? See, donkey was not our favourite one, in every part of life. But, Jesus choose donkey to riding on, He didn't think about the price, didn't think about the most, but He think about the least.

Me myself love donkey. It's Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh's friends. He's cute and worth for me, eventhough he had gloomy face. But it doesn't mean that he always being alone and despresed. He had friends, who will always be his side. Like what my friends do for me. I am a person with smiling face, but has gloomy heart. Maybe Eeyore more luckily than me, he lived his life peacefully, and me? I have to face problems, i have to struggle to get what i want, but, the good news is I have God, who will always use me to do His miracles.

I am God's donkey. I didn't come to this world with strong muscles, briliant brain, and perfect face. I am not dearly enough to be wanted. I am a tiny person, who always gloom and protest God. I never surrender my body and soul for God forsaken. Now, I know, i have to let my body and soul for Him, surrender, then He'll make me better in His way. Let He ride on me.

God, please trust me to be your daughter, and make me trust you more. You have my life, i belong to You. Let me be your donkey, join you in every way, ready to serve You and be the living sacrifice for You. For You, who had been crucified for me, I'll have the very best miracle in my life, to know You.

God bless people! :)

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