Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, today really seems better than yesterday. Yesterday i cried all day, i went to doctor in the afternoon, chit chat with Arlene and Desi until 9PM, then went home again, and study until midnight. But, i still not focus on what i've read, yah, i still thinking about them. They all came in one package, they really made me confused, but, i believe that today and the next days will be better. I can't deny that i want to forget all about it so bad, but i can't help, my heart refused me to do that. God help me..

Oya, today is soooo hoooottt!!! Inggrid said that today sun's location is near to earth, it makes today really badly hot! They heated my body so much, but, something surprise me. Guess what??

My wondie is in my room now!
Happy happy happy happy :)

" April Mop should be lie to me and treat me bad, but Wondershoe know how to treat me like a lady. Love you, Wondie. You made this day brighter. I got the happiest Wonder-Boo today "

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