Monday, April 20, 2009

full-schedule weekend

Hai, bloggie. I was so tired today, i had full class from 10am to 3.30pm, still have to do assignment for Abnormal class tomorrow. Well, i've just finished it. Hope that i can print it tomorrow, nothing will bother me, God bless.

Actually, i had a great weekend. I went to Music Therapy Seminar in UNTAR at 9am. It was cool and great. The most part was healing time. Pak Monty played us some instrumental music, called Barok Music, such as Canon in D and maybe Mozart's too. It made us feel sleepy yet healed. As i told you before, i cut my hair the day before, so, i also took some picture with friends, introducing my new hair hehe. Lucky us, campus was quiet enough for us took some crazy pictures hehe. After that, me and Desi went to Ciputra Mall, looked for some carpet, later i bought one cream colored-round chair. I've seen it before, and I liked it, then i bought it.

My new hair

Me vs Ing

After the seminar with Lin

Then Sunday became greater, uhuy! I woke up early to go to church to have their first service at 7.30am. I felt so tired actually, but, still have to do one task before went to Taman Anggrek Mall with my High School' friends. Got it finish at 4pm, then took bath, prepared myself. I'm ready! hehe. I picked Loloy up, then we took taxi to go to there, still have to wait 15minutes for they to come and went to Sapo Oriental to have dinner. Here we are (minus Brenda).

Alumni Rex Mundi Senior High School

We've been there for almost 2 hours, if i'm not mistaken. We have a very loooooonnnngggg conversation there. Me and Thio actually, gossip-ed everything hahaha. Thio was our photographer on that dinner time so, see the pictures below taken by Thio-san.

Let's eat!

Minus Thio as a photographer

After have so goddamn-fancy-dinner (blame to Handoko Go hahaha) , we stopped by Sour Sally. Some of us bought it, so we still continued our chit-chat there until 10pm! The store was closed when we leaved it. So, we went home, me and Loloy went home by Inggrid's car, and after that i got my self clean before went to sleep. I still felt full actually but was so sleepy, i can't help to sleep, then i went to my dreamland hihihi.

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