Wednesday, April 29, 2009

tweet tweet

tweet tweet tweet

I am twitter now. Well, actually i've been tweet since 2 or 3 months ago, if i'm not mistaken. I used Plurk before, but, i dislike because it has karma, if you wanna add your karma you have to post as often as you can. But, if you cannot post for a long time, they will subtract your karma. So, i made my twitter account, then i am now (became) addicted to twitter.

I kept telling what i've done to twitter, and i am not hoping any reply actually. I just want to tell what i feel at that moment, and it will be posted in my blog. Later i became some artists fan, to follow them on twitter, such John Mayer, Ashton Kuchter and Demi Moore (but i deleted them, they both such busy artists and they made my twitter full), Marcell Siahaan and Rima Melati or even Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama- US President. How lebay i am, huh? hehe.

So, make your twitter account now, and add me at Let's tweet :)

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