Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mr. Right

mr.right to complete my life

Well, maybe after posting this post someone will mad on me. But, i think i will post this, because this is my blog and i'm the one who decide what i'm gonna post, aren't i? So, let us go with this Mr.Right's post.

Yesterday i went to my cousin (far cousin actually from my mom's side) engaged service called Martuppol in Batak language. It was located in Tangerang or Karawaci, well i'm blank about the location, all i knew i passed UPH which i knew located in Karawaci. It was a cool and clean campus. I heard from my aunt, she is UPH student now, and she said that no one smoke there! No one! Even the security checked everyone's bag who will enter the campus. Can you imagine? And i was wondered what if i move to Karawaci, because many people told me that Untar will move to Karawaci. But, i won't think about that now, let me study as well as i can day by day, so i can graduate asap, Amien hehe.

After attended that service, me and some of my cousin have our lunch with a lot of my relatives from mom's side. Then, here we come, like every Batak party, i have to shaked hand introduced myself, give my mom's regards for them. Most of them didn't know me, and get a lil shock because they never thought that my mom has already have a 19 years old-girl like me. Well, some said i am pretty, as pretty as my mom, hihihi, i was happy on that moment. But, i really hate their smoke! Omigod, they made me mad! I was, really! But, i was blessed to met them. I felt happy to for Kak Erna and her fiance who will marry on May9. I promised them to come as my parents repressent.

I knew that my mom was happy because i went there. Why i was dislike to go there first? Because the night before i went out until 11.30pm! And got sleep at 0.30am. I travelled around Jakarta on Friday night with Novi and some of her girl friends before we reached Pantai Mutiara, Pluit at 10pm! So, in the morning i was lil unwell but, i knew i'll make mom sad, so i decided to go to their engaged service. Besides that i made him upset to me, the whole day actually. Sorry, i just want to tell you the truth, explain about my thoughts. Hope you tell me why you was upset, but until now, you haven't tell me. But, thanks for the pretty words this morning, ya. *klo ini dikategorikan berantem, kita baikan aja yuk hehehe*

Then, today, some quiz from facebook shocked me (lil shocked actually hehe) about to find another mr.right in life. I got the name, it is Dan, and i guess it is Danny or Daniel actually, but, the quiz just said Dan.

Anna completed the quiz "What is the name of the man you'll marry?" with the result Dan.
The man you will marry is named Dan. You and Dan are both ment for eachother beacuse you are fun, smart, active, happy people. You are the perfect match..

Second quiz was "where will i meet mr.right?'. Guess where? In university.

Anna completed the quiz "Where will you meet "Mr. Right"?" with the result University/College Campus.
You are most likely to meet your "Mr.Right" at your local University or College campus. Avoid guys with torn clothing, t-shirts with slogans and backwards ball caps. Instead, look for a guy who carries himself with pride, is sitting outside with his lap top but gazing around or a guy who always arrives to class early. Consider it a bonus if he is in his graduate year or is in a medical program (he'll be too busy to have another girl) or if he has his own apartment off campus and vehicle (that he pays for himself). Also consider it important to find the man who also has a job while attending college/university- this shows a level of motivation. This particular breed of man needs you to share in common goals and striking up a conversation based on mutual interests or program interests is always the way to go....Smile and let the journey begin! .

Wawawaw, it's so silly, i've once dreamed about having bf from campus. But, lately i realized i didn't want to meet so often with my bf. So, it's better for me to have a relationship with someone out there, and i've found i guess hehe. I am happy now, no need to ask why, please, because i won't to reveal him now. But, he's neither Dan or university student hehe.

Okay, i haven't think if he's my mr.right or not. I am just 19 years old girl. The only thing that i have to do is study. The others are shopping, travelling, make my family proud of me first, before i can have my parents permit to marry someone i loved. I wish that i'll find him in the right time as my wish and he'll be my husband for the rest of my life. Amien :)

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