Friday, April 24, 2009

i love my room :)

Hehe, i have to admit that i love my room, no matter how ugly it is. I made it ugly, i put all stuff wherever i want, seldom re-arrange it, sometimes once in two weeks hehe. But, i still agree that my room is clean one, i won't tell whose room worse than mine, but, if you feel comfort in it, go your way. I went my way to change this stuff location, and i loved it :)

First, my working station. Well, it's not a real working station. As you can see, i just put laptop, donkey stand doll and watch there. Actually it is just a small desk, so i couldn't put as many things as i want there, besides that i rarely use desk to make homework or to study, i prefer to study in my bed, close to dreamland, it's really bother my parents, especially my mom hehehe. But, trust me mom, i won't get bad mark eventhough i studied while dreaming hihihi.

i wish my father will buy me bigger desk than this one

Second, my wardrobes. Yes, i have two wardrobes, but i just pictured one, fill with my campus and church outfit. The other one fill with my home outfit and some towels and sheetings. I have arranged it last whole day, arranged it by colors and seperated some of them to fix and gave it to Desi's maid. The bad news was i realized that i lost one brown shirt that my mom bought for me when i was in semester 1! I even remember it but I won't get it back, poor me. Oya, because this wardrobe was a small one, i put all my dress in my suitcase, it helps me a lot to find it actually.

sometimes i need bigger wardrobe, but this is fine

Third, this is a full picture hehe. I captured it once and try to figure out all the stuff and i think i did it well, didn't i? There are wash basin, foods, dispenser, books and some posters in the wall. Next to the table is my bed. I put some of my eeyore dolls there. I used my bed too often, so i loved it so much. I sleep there, cry there, get happy or sad calls there, study there, gossip there, eat there, and many things there hehehe.

i've dreamt about this location for so long actually, but just proved it last month

Four, my shoes. Not only shoes, but also bedcover, plastics, broom and mirror. I remember that my mom was mad on me, because i want to bring many shoes from Manado and also its boxes! But, mom, now you can see that i still need its boxes to keep my shoes and sandals clean and made me easier to arrange and find it. I did it well, right mom?

i still have two boxes of shoes outside my room, and wanting to add it more and more hehe

Five, some of the unique part of my room.

my eeyore baloon

butterfly in my ceiling, first saw every morning

things next to my bed, this blue box consists of my eeyore minidolls :)

some of dvds, chargers, cellophane tape, stamps, and so on

my lovely lamp, i liked it so much since the first time it came to my room

Well, that is my room, my new room actually. Sometimes i hope i'll get better room as soon as i can, but, for what i've got until now, i still glad on it :)

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