Saturday, July 21, 2012

One of those days

No matter how happy or stable your life is, there are always days you can count as your "one of those days" like : - this is one of those day I promise to skip dinner, but ended up with main course at 9 PM - this is one of those day I wake up much much earlier than usual but I almost get late at office *sigh - this is one of those day I plan to do laundry after office hour but accidentally fall asleep right after I touch the pillow. Hehehe. - this is one of those day I remember to greet someone close's birthday but then I forget to call them, so I didn't greet them anyway. Ah, my bad. - this is one of those day, i can't help not to eat KFC and broke my once in a month rule. - this is one of those day, you start missing your high school after celebrating friend's birthday. And - this is one of those day I don't have enough strength to write but I really craving to post something here. I miss blogging.

Sunday, June 10, 2012


These are things i considered as happiness, especially for these days :

- wake up in Friday, have a good feeling that weekend is about to start!
- wash then blow dry in saloon. mood booster!
- take a picture than post it in instagram.
- listening to others song through Path. cool application.
- download new cool apps (especially if they are free. hihihi)
- wake up everyday before alarm and realize i still have minutes to snuggle on bed.
- mom's call every Saturday and the other days.
- eating spicy food. 
- meet up with high school friends.
- revisiting campus and malls around there.
- funny chit chat with work mates. they are hillarious! hehehe
- finally find a new sleeping lamp. woohoo.
- perfectly fit in kebaya i will wear at sister's upcoming wedding, though i gained some weight. 
- go home on time without overwork.
- bernadi's corned beef. yum yum yum.
- sweet words, sweet text and sweet affection. thank you.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello new life

There is no doubt in my mind that 2012 is a good year. Every day is a good day indeed. But i have no idea that i have so many goodbyes this year. I have to say goodbye to my college life, love life, and now my home for the last 5 years. And this upcoming month, May, i have to say goodbye to 2 workmates. I gotta admit, this year is a tough year. Positively.

Today i moved out from my crib to a new one, closer to my office. For a better health is a main reason why. Do i feel sad? Oh course. I lived there 5 years, i have so many memories there. I grew up there, i cried there, i spent days and nights with memories there. I love my room, i really am. It witnesses everything in my life. My first day in college, my long night making homework, my special moments with special ones, my lazy days, and days when i prayed harder because i'm on trouble. Life has been good to me for the past 5 years, and that lovely room was my perfect company during them all. I love love love it.

But nothing lasts forever. It wont be my room forever. I, somehow, have to move out. New life was starting and it wont wait for me. I havc to catch them, as hard as i can, because what i do now is for my better future. And i am the one who had responsibility to make it happen. So, i started to look for a new crib around the office. I spent 2 nights on last week looked for a new place. And now, here i am, writing from my new room. It's finally look more lovely than before. I'll post some pictures later people. Now, its time to hit the hay. Good night, lovely people.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the weekenders

Last week was totally a blast. I and some workmates went to Bandung for a short trip. They've been discussed about this plan before i started work there. So, i joined it in the last minute, when the itinerary is ready. Our destination were Ciwidey, for Friday night. On Saturday, we had a city tour, or i may called revisiting some tourism spot around South Bandung then off the main city, Bandung to have some shopping spree on Sumatera and Riau streets. Some of us also planned to go to Trans Studio on Sunday before we come back to Jakarta. Here's some pictures of us :

It was a nice trip with my workmates. See all the jumping girls in the last photo? It was me and my department workmates. Yup, my departments friends are all girls (two others didn't join us in this trip), so you could absolutely guess how i spent my days in office. It is full with gossips and foods. Hahahaha. But they are fun and since i am the youngest, i feel like having big sisters. I still have to learn a lot from them. And for what i have achieved i thank God. :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

on my purse (for today special occasion )

As an employee, it is my duty to take a part of company's occasion. It will be the second occasion since my first day. For the first time, they didn't call me to help them, because i'm still a newbie in the office. But, for  today occasion, the asked me to be an usher, and i have no other answer but yes. I will go to office earlier, wear a kebaya, have to smile a lot, and do not have to work (nay!). It's not that i love my job so much, it's because i've already postponed two days work since last Friday was a public holiday. I have to work harder on Tuesday then. But no worries, i have a feeling that this week will be a great one.

Since i don't know what to post, i wandered on my room. Silly, yes. I already have a WIFI connection in my room, that's why lately i only catch up with twitter, path and monster pet. I am too lazy to open this laptop and spend a time to write, eventhough i miss writing a lot. So, i took my camera and captured stuffs i will bring later today. I won't bring wallet and my everyday purse, because i don't know the location yet and where to put them safely, thus i put some stuffs in bigger purse. Here are some of them :

keychain, coin purse, extra battery for blackberry, artificial tears, vitamins on lenses box, lip gloss, eyeliner, aromatherapy, and make up remover

You can guess it easily that i will have a hair do and make up today. So, i prepared some of my make up stuffs. I can't easily trust someone's make up tools, especially when there are plenty of us (and lots of other people) wear the same brushes and tools. That's why i bring my essential ones, like lipgloss and eyeliner, because they are sensitive and easily got bacteria. I don't want to go home with irritated eyes and itchy lips :( Anyway, i woke up too early this morning due to my old laptop's download problems. I haven't used it for years and now accidentaly i have to and found out i left it without any upgrades (software and antivirus). Now, let's back to only-an-hour-left sleep before i go to work. Have a blessed Monday, people!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Keep Calm And Carry On

One famous poster/quote from Barker Books, England. I found the app in app-store and just finished the download. Here is one poster I like. Happy Sunday!

Keep Calm And Carry On

Earlier today I browsed through app-store and found out this cool app. Basically I love England and really long to visit it someday and this quote is the most famous quote from England. The app itself allows you to create your own poster/quote. I haven't made it myself but I have watched the story behind it and found some other quotes. This one surely lovely, especially for today is Sunday. Hope this quote will cheer my day, and your day too. Happy Sunday! Xoxo

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monsters on March

After accidentaly deleted Smurf Village from ipod, i decided to take a break from all game. It was a real heart broken. I started played Smurf Village since last year, after i watched its movie. The movie was just good, but the game is really a heart stealer. I even purchased, okay a lot, smurfberries. I builed their village pretty well, but it all disappear with one touch in ipod touch. OUCH! Since i have several games beside smurf village, i played them randomly. Until one day, a workmate told me to download Monster Pet Shop. Have i told you that everyone in my department own an ipod/android? And they all playing smurf village? It breaks my heart to hear the sounds every harvest time. Huhuhu. But i've promised myself not to play smurf village and i really want to prove that.

So, i took their recomendation to download Monster Pet Shop. The game is about taking care of monster eggs, from the incubator until they're ready to be sold. An customer will come and request a monster, your job is to provide good quality monsters to them. You have your own monster shop and monster in this case is a pet. Hehehe. The eggs itselves remind me about Easter eggs, so colorful and cute. Do download it yourself. Now i'm in love with this new game. Workmates will share me some eggs this week so i could sell the right monsters to my customer. Woohoo!

Anyway, have a good and pleasant week ahead, friends! Don't forget to take a vitamin with you. I thought i got a flu from workmates last week, so it's time to recharge my energy and ready to hit the work tomorrow. Bye bye!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

i miss Singapore

I miss Sing-a-pooh! Mama, please, let me go to Singapore this (sort of) long weekend, either it’s on March or April (Easter break). One of the reason why I want to go to Singapore is to watch Wicked. Wicked is a theater broadway live in Marina Bay Sands. Huhuhu. I’d like to call it (watch a broadway) as one of my 2012 resolution. Last year I asked mom to watch Lion King, but ended up having holiday in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I've already asked a friend who lived in Singapore about the show, the price where is the nearest hotel and what is another interesting point around MBS. Wicked itself will be playing until April 22, 2012. So, it means, I have to go there at least on April to watch the show. 

I also want to take a rest from Jakarta. This city mess my life since Monday to Sunday. Well, non-stop traffic, rain lately, and less rest time. Even in weekend I still have to catch up some things. Never ending to-do-lists kills me. Huhuhu. I even don’t have time to go to the movies and do manicure-pedicure. So, wake up in Singapore, hotel breakfast, less traffic, shopping spree all the day, fancy foods or others gastronomic spree and cute snap shots with SLR and lomo is one of A HUGE DREAM! Whoahh, if I have money my own (I’m on my way to produce some), I will book a flight and straightly go to Singaporeeeee!

My friends asked me to join their Singapore trip with a cheap price + hotel, but I haven’t ask mom about it. I bet she’ll be agree, but the next question is who will be my company there? Mom won’t worry about my itinerary, but, with who I will sleep at night. So, this cheap trip with friends will be postponed and I’ll ask mom to be my company instead. Is it really nice plan as it sound? I will say yes! So, now, let’s hoping mom will approve this plan. Please say AMEN! Meanwhile, let’s work hard. So, we can afford our own holiday with our own money. Can’t wait!

 Wicked's info is here. Do check it!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

First day equipment

Yesterday was my first day at office. Well, it run well, since I have nothing to do, seriously. Hahahaha. I only browsed with blackberry, okay, too bad this office doesn't allow us to browse others but office's business. So, I'm now writing from blackberry and praying that this weekend I can have another posts to share.

Here's what inside my bag yesterday. Pencil box, multifuncional purse (I put cards and money), to-do list notes, bottle, snack/candy, mascer, bb's charger, hand sanitizer, small purse (mostly for coins), tissue and ipod's bag. I left pencil box and charger at office yesterday but today I added book in my bag.

Now, I'm waiting for 5.30pm. It's time to go home. Hooray! Hope you all have a great night, folks, without rain, hopefully.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new plot of life

Happy Sunday, folks.

Tomorrow, i will facing another first life experience. I will start a new plot of life called work. It's my first real job, since graduation last year. I already sent many letters, emails to many office around Jakarta and almost took some jobs. But this overthinking-and-definitely not a risk taker personality made me pass them all. Until one day, i got a call from AF (my current office, i might say) and offer me a job. The whole process was very smooth, from the first interview till the medical check up.

To be frank, work wasn't my first plan for this year. I want to continue my master first, but this jobless thing force me to prove that i can work too. So, i let God decided and He amazingly give me this job right in time, to teach me how to save money, to live life as an adult, to prove that i could take responsibility and the most of all, to thank Him. Here i am now, stepping outside my comfort zone, from parent's little girl to an office staff who has to work from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Phewww. Please pray for me, cause never in my life i have this sort of tight schedule. My body and soul will positively drain. But worry not, i already plan some stuff to cheer me up. So, happy working dear me!

*backsound : Working Song from Enchanted, Walt Disney.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentine's day 2012

 they say love is unspeakable. 
you feel love. uniquely.
cause love has different language to each of us.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hubba Hubba : an attempt to make a happy monday

Earlier today i browse through itunes and found out one free application named HUBBA HUBBA. The name and appearance attracted me, so i installed it on my ipod. Now, i just gave it a try and just 3 words people, i love it! Hubba Hubba is an application to add some cute stuffs on your pictures. They seperated it to GUYS and DOLLS stuffs. They have hats, mustaches, ties and glasses for GUYS. While for DOLLS they have hats, glasses, earings (and other jewelry), and cute ties. Uber cute!

 me and brother. we could name our own pictures. hehehe.

how the slide show look like.

Do install it on your own gadget. At least this application made my Monday great. I spent today mostly on internet, did some series downloaded i miss last week while listening to One Direction and Foster the People. I also watched the Grammy Awards this morning. Jennifer Hudson sang 'I will always love you' emotionally, so sad. Goodbye Whitney Houston. Anyway, have a great Hubba Hubba afternoon people and happy welcoming Valentine's Day tomorrow :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

5 things I should shout 'Thank God It's Friday'

These things made me so thankful today :

1. Have a red velvet cake by Union as my breakfast. Heaven is surely made by it (minus the nuts). Hehehe.
2. Only spent an hour to finish a psychotest. Wish me luck!
3. Tried out a famous 4Fingers with Inggrid. And also first visit to Epicentrum Walk.

4. My college best friend, Fetri, had her birthday today. Happy birthday to her.
5. We had fun on Ocean Park then took an early dinner together on Nanny's Barn. With the birthday girl of course.

 the birthday girl

In conclusion, today is a well spent Friday. Thanks God :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

sure i wanna read these books,

if i had a bookshelf like this one. Please please please..

5 good things about Saturday

Yes, of course Saturday is everybody's favorite day in a week, but these 5 things made this Saturday good to me.

1. Have brunch with family. Tried a new restaurant is our to-do list every Saturday.
2. Manicure and pedicure. Since i found out that manicure and pedicure price are so reasonable (i could pay it, no need to ask money from mom) and also had a relaxing effect, i managed my time to have it both every 2 weeks. So, pretty nails everytime.
3. Watch a lastest episode of The Big Bang Theory. It's funny, as always.
4. Instagram-ing some pictures. Do check mine here.
5. Gonna have some massage soon. Time to recharge my energy.

So, i'm leaving now. Hope you all have a good Saturday too. xoxo

Thursday, January 26, 2012

dinner was on me

Call me moody if it comes to cooking. One day i'll be the enthusiastic cook but the next day i wont do a thing in the kitchen and let mom do herself. Yeah, that kind of moody. But 2 days ago, when i was shopping with mom, i crossed the meat section, saw some minced beef and suddenly thinking about spaghetti bolognese. So, i straightly grab the other ingredients, such as champignon mushrooms, tomato sauce and the spaghetti itself. The rest were available in mom's kitchen. It took half an hour to prepare the things, before another hour to cook the sauce. One key, according to the recipe, to make a perfect bolognese sauce is to cook it as long as possible
(more less 2 hours! if you can wait that long. hahaha) in a low heat. Perfecto bolognese sauce!

 some of the ingredients

 boiled spaghetti

my spaghetti bolognese

I'm trying to write the recipe in English, but i find it a bit hard, so just google it if you want. Hehehe. All you'll find will be an easy recipe, trust me, just like one i had home. It even could make mom said the sauce smells really good. Brother said it was a tasty one. Too bad dad wasn't at home, so did my other brother. So, i'll cook it again someday and i hope i can cook the other also. Hehehe. So, have a nice dinner everyone!

Monday, January 23, 2012

maddy i-tunes

itunes 10.5

Dan seriusan, lama-lama bergaul dengan sensivitas i-tunes yang sangat tinggi bisa membuat saya "gila". Awalnya bermula dari niatan saya meminta iphone kepada si papah sebagai kado ulang tahun. Kalo tidak berhasil, saya sudah meniatkan untuk membelinya dengan uang sendiri (plus ditambah papah karena uangnya belum cukup. hehehe). Tidak tanggung-tanggung saya menunggu demi mendapatkan iphone 4s yang dijual di operator gsm ternama, kurang lebih bulan depan. Jadi deh saya dan pacar rajin browse, mulai dari harga, fitur dan warna soft jacket-nya. Kerajinan memang, tapi untuk sesuatu yang dinanti kan apa salahnya.

Tapi akhirnya sebuah video yutub mengubah dunia ini. Bahwa ketika iphone jatuh dari ketinggian >1meter, kerusakan layarnya bisa amat parah. Ngeri, boss! Belum lagi harganya muahal ya. Hahaha, niat membeli pun berkurang. Untungnya lagi, pacar saya pintar dalam mengakali napsu belanja saya. Dia, dengan pintarnya, berhasil membuat blackberry terlihat lebih berharga dan pintar (dan murah dalam pemakaian) dibanding iphone. Untuk masalah instagram, sebuah aplikasi yang membuat saya ketagihan akhir-akhir ini (dan alasan kuat saya untuk membeli iphone), bisa dia akali dengan mengijinkan saya membeli sejumlah aplikasi lainnya dan juga sejumlah games agar niatan beli iphone saya mereda karena memiliki ipod saja saya sudah cukup puas. Hayoo, kurang pintar apa lagi si boss satu ini. Hihihi. 

Pacar pun akhirnya berbaik hati mengupgrade iOS ipod touch saya, menjadi iOS 5.1. Hasilnya? Luar biasa kosong! Saya histeris, tentu saja, tapi saya tahu si pacar akan sigap mengatasi histeria saya dengan pelan-pelan men-jailbreak ipod dan mengisinya dengan sejumlah aplikasi. Tapi tetap kosong dibandingkan dengan penuhnya ipod saya kala sebelum di-upgrade. Nasi sudah jadi bubur, maka sekarang mari kita taburi dengan abon aplikasi yang banyak. Meskipun awalnya kesusahan dalam hal sinkronisasi, akhirnya itunes yang telah di-upgrade membantu saya dalam mengisi kembali ipod yang kosong ini. Akhirnya, sekarang ipod 'agak' berisi, meskipun belum montok seperti pemiliknya. Hehehe. So, sekarang saatnya bermain, kembali mengedit foto dan mengisi lagu. List lagu ipod nihil, saudara-saudari. Pacar haruslah bertanggung jawab karena telah menghilangkan semua playlist dan lagu dan video dan podcast saya. HIHIHIHIHI *giggling all the way*

ps : i'm not saying i wont buy an iphone or maybe ipad but for now, i will enjoy my ipod to the fullest. 

Monday, January 16, 2012

facebook and its timeline

The story started yesterday. I usually open my blackberry after i woke up in the morning. Err, sometimes i even checked it first before i pray. Okay, many times, please forgive me, dear God. But something happened. The site wasn't open, easily like ever, i tried to put my email and password there, and it said that the email and password didn't belong to me. O ow, someone has playing with me. Unlucky me, i have several things to do yesterday, like went to church, went to relative house, went to another relative house, ended in book store then home. So, i just checked it again in the evening after dinner. As the facebook said, someone has changed my password at Saturday night around 10pm. It didn't say who is she/he and i have no idea. But worry not, i have a new password here, and i did install it again in my blackberry, so, i'm in facebook again!

I also changed my timeline, since this year. Pardon me, but i feel a bit awkward to reply others' birthday greeting through this timeline. So, i haven't reply any of them. Thanks for the greeting anyway! I like the new timeline, honestly. Bigger pictures, a cover (aside the profile picture), chronological things in our whole life since birthday until the present time. My favorite part,of course. the cover. I always imagine this blog will look like this. It has a customize cover with my favorite font and pictures. Let's wishing someone will come and rescue me-and this blog- from ordinary look. Hihihi. Do make your timeline, pal because it's cool (though boyfriend taught it's not. huff).

Monday, January 2, 2012

finally 22

Last Thursday was my 22th birthday. I made a BBM status " I will always (shop at) FOREVER 21". Perfectly wrong in grammar but it just a joke for myself. I will be 22, unlike the yellow big store in Grand Indonesia named Forever 21. Hehehe. Btw, i don't really like to shop there these 2 years. In years before was better, but lately, i don't know how, but they lost their young taste. It's like an FO in Bandung, or i can say, Secrets FO in Bandung is better than F21.

Sooo, hows the celebration?
I went with family to City Extra Restaurant, to have some seafood. It was a nice lunch, because i haven't eat since last night. Just 4 of us there, my first brother is still in Jakarta. Ah ya, i didn't get any presents from my family like last year. Well, if they gave me a chance to choose my present, i'll directly ask for an iphone. But later, i'm thinking about vacation. They'll take the same amount of money, right? But worry not dear me, i will pick the best later. Hehehe.

Then, we shopped with mom in Manado Town Square and stopped by to sip a Thai Tea. But sadly, they run out of it. Huhuhu, one bad thing happened in my birthday. Parents were going home, so i waited patiently for my boyfriend to come and we had dinner afterward. Blame the retentless rain, my friends came late. I've already finished the dinner before they come. A cute friend gave me cupcakes. They are too cute to be eaten. But today, i'll finish them. Hahaha. I also got 2 other presents from my friend, a singing eeyore and an owl necklace. It's a nice thing to have people who remembered your favorite thing. Not to ask them to give you such a thing, but to remember you. I feel like i'm living in someone's life by that memories. I'm getting older, and sometime i'm afraid that i will running out time and won't be here for a long time. Then, birthday is my time to rethink about it. But knowing that these people will always be there for me, remember me the way i want to be remembered, it's a bliss. It really is.

Happy birthday dear me. Happy new year people. Have a joyous year ahead. xoxo.

another story about birthday : it was very first birthday with less pictures. my blackberry is off due to all the greetings (i'm thankful, i really am) and i didn't bring the extra batteries. my ipod wasn't good enough to take an indoor pictures. brother and boyfriend, and friends bb run out of batteries also. rain outside. and i forgot to bring extra polaroid film. so, i only had a few, but that day was a happy one. i'll keep it in mind :)