Monday, January 2, 2012

finally 22

Last Thursday was my 22th birthday. I made a BBM status " I will always (shop at) FOREVER 21". Perfectly wrong in grammar but it just a joke for myself. I will be 22, unlike the yellow big store in Grand Indonesia named Forever 21. Hehehe. Btw, i don't really like to shop there these 2 years. In years before was better, but lately, i don't know how, but they lost their young taste. It's like an FO in Bandung, or i can say, Secrets FO in Bandung is better than F21.

Sooo, hows the celebration?
I went with family to City Extra Restaurant, to have some seafood. It was a nice lunch, because i haven't eat since last night. Just 4 of us there, my first brother is still in Jakarta. Ah ya, i didn't get any presents from my family like last year. Well, if they gave me a chance to choose my present, i'll directly ask for an iphone. But later, i'm thinking about vacation. They'll take the same amount of money, right? But worry not dear me, i will pick the best later. Hehehe.

Then, we shopped with mom in Manado Town Square and stopped by to sip a Thai Tea. But sadly, they run out of it. Huhuhu, one bad thing happened in my birthday. Parents were going home, so i waited patiently for my boyfriend to come and we had dinner afterward. Blame the retentless rain, my friends came late. I've already finished the dinner before they come. A cute friend gave me cupcakes. They are too cute to be eaten. But today, i'll finish them. Hahaha. I also got 2 other presents from my friend, a singing eeyore and an owl necklace. It's a nice thing to have people who remembered your favorite thing. Not to ask them to give you such a thing, but to remember you. I feel like i'm living in someone's life by that memories. I'm getting older, and sometime i'm afraid that i will running out time and won't be here for a long time. Then, birthday is my time to rethink about it. But knowing that these people will always be there for me, remember me the way i want to be remembered, it's a bliss. It really is.

Happy birthday dear me. Happy new year people. Have a joyous year ahead. xoxo.

another story about birthday : it was very first birthday with less pictures. my blackberry is off due to all the greetings (i'm thankful, i really am) and i didn't bring the extra batteries. my ipod wasn't good enough to take an indoor pictures. brother and boyfriend, and friends bb run out of batteries also. rain outside. and i forgot to bring extra polaroid film. so, i only had a few, but that day was a happy one. i'll keep it in mind :)

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