Thursday, January 26, 2012

dinner was on me

Call me moody if it comes to cooking. One day i'll be the enthusiastic cook but the next day i wont do a thing in the kitchen and let mom do herself. Yeah, that kind of moody. But 2 days ago, when i was shopping with mom, i crossed the meat section, saw some minced beef and suddenly thinking about spaghetti bolognese. So, i straightly grab the other ingredients, such as champignon mushrooms, tomato sauce and the spaghetti itself. The rest were available in mom's kitchen. It took half an hour to prepare the things, before another hour to cook the sauce. One key, according to the recipe, to make a perfect bolognese sauce is to cook it as long as possible
(more less 2 hours! if you can wait that long. hahaha) in a low heat. Perfecto bolognese sauce!

 some of the ingredients

 boiled spaghetti

my spaghetti bolognese

I'm trying to write the recipe in English, but i find it a bit hard, so just google it if you want. Hehehe. All you'll find will be an easy recipe, trust me, just like one i had home. It even could make mom said the sauce smells really good. Brother said it was a tasty one. Too bad dad wasn't at home, so did my other brother. So, i'll cook it again someday and i hope i can cook the other also. Hehehe. So, have a nice dinner everyone!

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