Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lomo is a must

A quick visit to Lomography Indonesia, or I might say "Lomonesia" yesterday. It was my second visit and it's still as good as before. So, I only captured their corner, full of lomos. Most of them are Diana series and Fish Eye series. I still have no crush on FE but I fell for one Diana or LC A+ (crossing finger I could buy them someday). Anyway, the reason why I went there was to pick my lomo's result. Still, some are good, and the rest are blur and dark. But, I won't give up. After positive, negatif and slide film, now I'd like to attempt a redscale film. I hope the result will be better than any results before. Hihihi. Can't wait to use it! I'm excited!
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wagyu for Weekend

Just tried another good quality steak on town by Holycow Steak Hotel. Me and brother spent an hour by taxi before we reached it at 12 P.M and have to wait for another 6 guests before we finally entered the restaurant. So full and surprisingly most of them were grandpa and grandma. So cute! Me and brother shared our table with 3 other couples. Most of us ordering the same kind of steak, WAGYU.

choose your own wagyu.

200 gram wagyu rib-eye with mushroom sauce

Honestly, i'm not a fan of steak. I even hate some menus with beef as their main ingredients, like meatballs. But this Holycow Steak was a nice one. A big portion for me, but not for brother. I should ordered burger instead of steak actually, cause i felt goddamn full after eating this huge steak. Ah ya, another happy thing about this restaurant, they're so much into socmed, like twitter and facebook. You just have to follow then mention them on your status. See what i got, classic tiramisu for one mention on my twitter status. Tasted good!

next season please

I'm not a big fan of American sitcoms, but i did fall for some of them. Named it Friends (everyone's favorite i bet), Full House (cutie Olsen twins and their handsome uncle, hehehe), Family Ties, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Cosby Show (reminds me of boyfriend), Bewitched, Gilmore Girls (tho i'm not a big fan of it), Glee, Two and a Half Men (just watched today), Big Bang Story (tho i didn't understand it due to Sheldon's words and English subtitle, blame them, hehehe) and my recent favorite one, How I Met Your Mother. 

I finished their sixth season a couple of week ago, after i handed them from a friend. Then, finally i cried for Barney Stinson on Of Course episode. That scene never happened in my entire love life and i hope won't happen. So touchy moment. You have to finish their whole seasons. It's a great sitcom, although many scene seem unreal (okay, i know sometimes i took these things too serious - relationship, marriage, and friendship- and Barney ruined it the most). But i bet you'll like, a lot. So, enjoy! 

ps: hurry up season 7!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Laid back Saturday


Well, I'd like to tweet about how I spent my Saturday actually then I realized that I need more than 140-character to tell about it. Then I open my email and now I'm going to put it on my blog. Thanks to the smartphone :p

And yeah, today turned out as a very laid back day. I did some things of course. Or didn't I? Mm, I read a novel today. It's been ages I didn't read a novel. Too lazy just to open the plastic. But then i finished 2 chapters. Yeyy! I also arranged my wardrobe. Hey, it's my first for this year. Way too lazy to arrange them in color ( while back then I even loved to arrange them every week). Then, I cleaned my bathroom. Great movement! I'm thinking of cleaning the jelly toy in the wall now. Maybe tomorrow after church. Finally I decided to watch movie, Gnomeo and Juliet is. Unlucky me, the film was stucked in the middle. Huhuhu. Changed it to Back-up Plan and gonna admit that I didn't like it at all. Yeah except the baby twin scene with their daddy. Cuteeee :)

See? Laid back Saturday, and I'm loving it. I don't know why I am too lazy today. But, hey, boyfriend sent me an eeyore today. Sleeping-in-pillow-eeyore wearing his pyjama. Cute! Maybe I'm under his spell, and all he wants is me sleeping next to him and hug him. Hahaha. That's what I do now actually. So, thank you for the laid back day, eeyore. Time to say good night to boyfriend then I'll hit you again. Ciao fellas!
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Kasih Ibu

Kasih ibu, kepada beta.
Tak terhingga sepanjang masa.
Hanya memberi tak harap kembali.
Bagai sang surya, menyinari dunia.

-Cipt : S.M. Moehtar-

Lagu ini sangat simpel, tapi memiliki makna yang sangat dalam. Salah satu subyek penelitian saya menyanyikan lagu ini kepada saya. Dan sepanjang pengamatan saya, beberapa kali dia bahkan mendoakan saya dan keluarga. Saya tiba-tiba merasa bersyukur dapat bertemu para ibu yang hebat. Yang berusaha semua yang bisa mereka usahakan agar hidup anak-anaknya tetap seperti layaknya anak dari keluarga yang lengkap. Mereka bekerja, mereka menangis, mereka mengajar, mereka memarahi, mereka meyemangati, mereka selalu ada, dan senantiasa membuktikan kasih ibu itu selalu ada, sepanjang jalan, hanya memberi tanpa mengharap kembali.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing special for this month. Thesis, brother's college stuff, thesis (again), sleep, eat, take a bath and back to thesis (again and again). See, nothing special, until I handed my last verbatim and start doing chapter 4 afterward. Please kindly wish me your luckiest luck, friends.

Yesterday I had a lunch with my old friends from high school. We went to the same university actually, with different major. One of us will graduate this April, congrats to her! While me is about to graduate on October. Another wish me luck. Yeah, mostly we were talking about life after graduation. I already have some plans, although I've never discussed it with parents.

Anyway, parents will have their 22nd anniversary this Friday. Too bad me and brother couldn't join the celebrate. But all of our pray are theirs also our life, love and devotion. God bless my parents, God bless us all :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

friends and instax

me, desipus and arlene

I guess you all know that i own an instax camera (from this blog of course). Boyfriend gave it as his valentine's gift while mine, err, still in my room, waiting to be packed and sent. Hahaha. Please don't tell boyfriend, or he'll mad (a bit) on me. He'd already known what i'm going to give and i'm sure he won't be as surprise as i am when i received his gift. I love this instax camera to bits and i promised to use it wisely since the film's price is quite expensive.

Sooo, i was thinking to use it with my college besties, Desi and Arlene. We arranged time (actually it was a super quick arrangement between us, ever) to have lunch and do some chit-chat. College stuff (read: thesis) is the main topic because it is killing us slowly. Then we ended sleptover at Desi's crib. I'm happy and missing them way too much cause we used to hang out and do our things together. We also had a tradition, a simple one. We have to treat our friends as a celebration of our birthday. Lucky Arlene, cause me and Desi had birthday on Christmas holiday, so she had 2 free lunch. Hahahaha. 

I'd already bought two more instax film. One of them are mickey's frame. Can't wait to use it. I'm super excited to the next photos. I'm hoping there will be a picture of boyfriend and me there, before i finish the whole film. Finger crossed, it'll happen soon.