Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wagyu for Weekend

Just tried another good quality steak on town by Holycow Steak Hotel. Me and brother spent an hour by taxi before we reached it at 12 P.M and have to wait for another 6 guests before we finally entered the restaurant. So full and surprisingly most of them were grandpa and grandma. So cute! Me and brother shared our table with 3 other couples. Most of us ordering the same kind of steak, WAGYU.

choose your own wagyu.

200 gram wagyu rib-eye with mushroom sauce

Honestly, i'm not a fan of steak. I even hate some menus with beef as their main ingredients, like meatballs. But this Holycow Steak was a nice one. A big portion for me, but not for brother. I should ordered burger instead of steak actually, cause i felt goddamn full after eating this huge steak. Ah ya, another happy thing about this restaurant, they're so much into socmed, like twitter and facebook. You just have to follow then mention them on your status. See what i got, classic tiramisu for one mention on my twitter status. Tasted good!

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