Sunday, March 27, 2011

next season please

I'm not a big fan of American sitcoms, but i did fall for some of them. Named it Friends (everyone's favorite i bet), Full House (cutie Olsen twins and their handsome uncle, hehehe), Family Ties, Desperate Housewives, Castle, Cosby Show (reminds me of boyfriend), Bewitched, Gilmore Girls (tho i'm not a big fan of it), Glee, Two and a Half Men (just watched today), Big Bang Story (tho i didn't understand it due to Sheldon's words and English subtitle, blame them, hehehe) and my recent favorite one, How I Met Your Mother. 

I finished their sixth season a couple of week ago, after i handed them from a friend. Then, finally i cried for Barney Stinson on Of Course episode. That scene never happened in my entire love life and i hope won't happen. So touchy moment. You have to finish their whole seasons. It's a great sitcom, although many scene seem unreal (okay, i know sometimes i took these things too serious - relationship, marriage, and friendship- and Barney ruined it the most). But i bet you'll like, a lot. So, enjoy! 

ps: hurry up season 7!

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