Saturday, March 19, 2011

Laid back Saturday


Well, I'd like to tweet about how I spent my Saturday actually then I realized that I need more than 140-character to tell about it. Then I open my email and now I'm going to put it on my blog. Thanks to the smartphone :p

And yeah, today turned out as a very laid back day. I did some things of course. Or didn't I? Mm, I read a novel today. It's been ages I didn't read a novel. Too lazy just to open the plastic. But then i finished 2 chapters. Yeyy! I also arranged my wardrobe. Hey, it's my first for this year. Way too lazy to arrange them in color ( while back then I even loved to arrange them every week). Then, I cleaned my bathroom. Great movement! I'm thinking of cleaning the jelly toy in the wall now. Maybe tomorrow after church. Finally I decided to watch movie, Gnomeo and Juliet is. Unlucky me, the film was stucked in the middle. Huhuhu. Changed it to Back-up Plan and gonna admit that I didn't like it at all. Yeah except the baby twin scene with their daddy. Cuteeee :)

See? Laid back Saturday, and I'm loving it. I don't know why I am too lazy today. But, hey, boyfriend sent me an eeyore today. Sleeping-in-pillow-eeyore wearing his pyjama. Cute! Maybe I'm under his spell, and all he wants is me sleeping next to him and hug him. Hahaha. That's what I do now actually. So, thank you for the laid back day, eeyore. Time to say good night to boyfriend then I'll hit you again. Ciao fellas!
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