Sunday, March 6, 2011

friends and instax

me, desipus and arlene

I guess you all know that i own an instax camera (from this blog of course). Boyfriend gave it as his valentine's gift while mine, err, still in my room, waiting to be packed and sent. Hahaha. Please don't tell boyfriend, or he'll mad (a bit) on me. He'd already known what i'm going to give and i'm sure he won't be as surprise as i am when i received his gift. I love this instax camera to bits and i promised to use it wisely since the film's price is quite expensive.

Sooo, i was thinking to use it with my college besties, Desi and Arlene. We arranged time (actually it was a super quick arrangement between us, ever) to have lunch and do some chit-chat. College stuff (read: thesis) is the main topic because it is killing us slowly. Then we ended sleptover at Desi's crib. I'm happy and missing them way too much cause we used to hang out and do our things together. We also had a tradition, a simple one. We have to treat our friends as a celebration of our birthday. Lucky Arlene, cause me and Desi had birthday on Christmas holiday, so she had 2 free lunch. Hahahaha. 

I'd already bought two more instax film. One of them are mickey's frame. Can't wait to use it. I'm super excited to the next photos. I'm hoping there will be a picture of boyfriend and me there, before i finish the whole film. Finger crossed, it'll happen soon.

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