Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nothing special for this month. Thesis, brother's college stuff, thesis (again), sleep, eat, take a bath and back to thesis (again and again). See, nothing special, until I handed my last verbatim and start doing chapter 4 afterward. Please kindly wish me your luckiest luck, friends.

Yesterday I had a lunch with my old friends from high school. We went to the same university actually, with different major. One of us will graduate this April, congrats to her! While me is about to graduate on October. Another wish me luck. Yeah, mostly we were talking about life after graduation. I already have some plans, although I've never discussed it with parents.

Anyway, parents will have their 22nd anniversary this Friday. Too bad me and brother couldn't join the celebrate. But all of our pray are theirs also our life, love and devotion. God bless my parents, God bless us all :)

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