Friday, July 31, 2009

yanyan, i'm in love

While have rest in home, yanyan is the best friend to accompany hehehe.. So chocolate, but not to sweet for people who doesn't really like chocolate like me. Just don't add the chocolate too much on its sticks. I bet you'll love it too. Mom said that it was an old snack, in 80's and a bit difficult to find it now, but, i've got it on Wednesday, a pack, consist of 10 yanyan! Okay, i'll bite you now, yanyan :p

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Finally i got sick, huhuhu.. I am totally exhaust for a month (it is true), and at the end, i have to let my body and mind had rest, before i leave home. And here i am, sleep all the day, hahaha.. I wanna shop actually but i'll keep that money until i shop in Jakarta, sooner. Beside i wont't be able to shop myself, and have no idea where to shop either. Now, i have to take rest, let my mind thinking nothing. Let me think it was the best way, and i guess i was. I can't deny i always get mad if i'm thinking about it, but, but, but, i have to let him and all the stories go.

Be happy, i will keep going stronger for people surrounds me. I have lots of dreams before December, and i hope i can fulfill it, Amen.

Monday, July 27, 2009

i am only human with these facts

Well, i have no idea what to write in this post. My daddy said that he'll bring this laptop to office tomorrow, so i decided to post as many as i can, and finally i am in my third post this morning hehehe. I'll go to somewhere cool this noon, and will have my shopping spree alone, as mamapapah has promised me :p But, before i take a bath and prepare myself, i'll list some facts about me. Here they are!

1. My real name is Gressiana Siahaan, but people known me as An(n)a Siahaan, so i used that name in many accounts.
2. I have no email account with my real name or surename, but i'll plan to make it, as my way to grow up, and forget all my crush which i chose to be my account name :p
3. I used contact lenses since class 9 and i even remembered that i used it in Sheren's birthday, January 2004 for the very first time.
4. I was named after my auntie (i called her Bou). My grandpa named me, Gress, while mama gave Ana after she gave born to me in St. Anna Hospital.
5. I cried more often since i went to college two years ago.
6. I don't eat lamb, durian, avocado, dog, and so on hehehe.
7. I prefer chesse than chocolate.
8. Above all flavor of ice cream, i chose Green Tea as the best flavor. Green Tea Blizzard from Dair Queen was my favourite.
9. I also loved Green Tea Frappucino in Starbucks since i didn't drink coffee there.
10. I hate excercise hehehehe, it really dissapoint my parents
11. I love writings, i started to write a short story since i was in Elementary School.
12. It made me have 3 diaries, 2 books with short stories, and 4 agendas in High School.
13. But, now, i have this blog as my diary, and i hope i'll keep up this blog good. So, give me response or comment, please. Don't be silent readers.
14. I loved to sleep with my brothers, eventhough mom insisted us not too hehehe..
15. I planned myself to marry on age 25 and have 3 children - cross my fingers :p
16. I shop everytime, when stressing out or not, i still shop if i want and have enough money hehehe
17. Have i told you i adore EEYORE so much?? I love him :)
18. Man will always looks good on white shirt - as my opinion - so, if you wanna flirt me, use white shirt and clean shoes hahaha
19. I am so much keen to driving and cooking, hope i can master them both
20. Eventhough i haven't check my friendster account for a long time, i still love it, i have it since 2004, many memories was there.
21. I rarely dreaming while sleeping, trust me.
22. But, as my family had told me, i twice walk while sleeping.
23. I am pure Batak, so don't trust my college friends who told me that i looked like Javanese.
24. I love arguing (or i can say give comments freely hehe)
25. Above all facts, I felt so much blessed to be my self. Thanks God :)


Wow, saya sedikit kaget sama fakta2 yang baru saja saya temukan di akun twitter teman saya. Dia follow beberapa artis, dan ketika saya buka salah satu akun artis (Tika Panggabean), dia juga follow lebih banyak artis lagi! Wow, tiba2 kita bisa ngerasa temenan aja sama tu artis2. Beneran deh. Yah, mungkin karena Tika Panggabean bukan anak muda, usia 20an, makanya teman2 dia ya banyak artis2 yang udah dewasa, kayak Ersa Mayori, Becky Tumewu, Tora Sudiro, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Mieke Amalia, Dave Hendrik, Novita Angie, Ami Gumelar, Reza Gunawan (mungkin ada Dee juga, tapi saya udah malas nyari2 hehe), de el el. Itu aja udah banyak kan? Saya belum masukin dan liat smua nama malah!

Sebenarnya alasan saya bikin akun twitter taun lalu cuma maen2 aja. Ga niat untuk temenan sama para artis, meskipun kenyataannya saya temenan juga sama mereka. Waktu itu antara lain Marcell Siahaan dan isrinya Rima Melati Adams, baru ada juga Ashton Kutcher dan istrinya Demi Moore. Mm, kayaknya saya pernah bilang ya tentang hal2 ini? Kayaknya sih hehehe, tapi gitulah akhirnya beberapa dari mereka saya hapusin, dan akhirnya saya hanya nge-twit ma teman2 aja dan update hal2 pribadi. Kalian sendiri bisa dengan mudah mengakses akun twitterku lewat blog ini. Yah, itulah saya. Dan itu mungkin bisa dengan mudah membantu kalian mengenal saya lebih baik.

Kalau dah punya twitter dan pengen nge-follow saya bisa di : annavaganza. Happy twitter :)

superb weekend

Finally me and my family could have a special weekend just 5 of us! Actually we have arrived in Manado for 2 weeks, but many bad things happened so we haven't have our-time until last Saturday. It started from Friday, when i went to Tomohon with Sintong. We're looked for a special place for him and his friends to have retreat. And we got it! I loved that place, no matter with the price. They had beautiful, really really beautiful view. I hoped i can post pictures also, but i can't because i didn't bring its usb. But later i will. It was a great place to marry, or take prewed. Hahaha, just dreaming guys, LOL.

So, in Saturday we went there. And we all agree that it was a great place to visited. After enjoyed the view, we went to Outbond Area. I just tried their Flying Fox, my first time actually, a bit curious and nervous, but i liked it :) My brothers took all the outbond games, but Darling didn't finish it. After that, we went to Tomohon, to have Mujair Bakar Rica as our lunch. It's not a place i recommended, so don't eat there hahaha, well they don't even know how to serve us well. In my opinion, guys. In the evening we had family gathering in Green Garden Restaurant. I had my Vanilla Ice Cappucino, which i have dreamed about 2 weeks hehehe.. Happy happy happy..

Yesterday turned great also, except an accident in Malalayang. One of my relative was there, 5 cars and 1 motorcycle was broke. Suddenly i remembered my own experience last October in Kota Tua, Bandar Lampung. Uhhh, i was so scared that day. But thanks God, eventhough many cars was broke but no one was injured yesterday. One thing i hate in last weekend has just rain! 2 days with rain, big ones. But full with happiness, no problems hehehe..

Thursday, July 23, 2009

so sad bloggie

Hey, bloggie. Sorry I have no time lately, even to sing a song myself. I love singing alone in room and I just couldn't make it these days. I am not in a good condition. Body and mind. I need to refresh, but I made many mistakes to her and him-no need to reveal, bloggie, I am sad. I am just don't know how to apologize. I need someone to talk. Or two, it will be greater. I hope I can get well soon so I can think clearly to find the best solving problerms. Maybe you both will read it, I am sorry..

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I guess many people will bore if i put post with this tittle, because today all i've said and tell people is about chance. It started when i watched Evan Almighty at HBO last night with mama, Sintong and Daling. Though i fell asleep in the end of that movie (i was so sleepy, it almost 11.30 p.m.), i got one special point from that movie. When Evan's wife, Joan, who confused with Evan, how his beard grew up, his will to build an ark, and she even thought to leave him. God came to her and tell her about that chance to trust her husband, to support him, to accompany him in good and bad, as a marriage vow she'd said in front of God. About chances that God've given us. It also can be called GIFT or MIRACLE.

" If we asked God for brave, will He give us brave? Or He will give us a chance to be brave? If we asked God for love, wil He give us love or chances to love? -God-"

Suddenly i thought about my life. How many good chances i ignored in my whole life? How many time i regreted them? And how many chances i let myself to do goodness for His name? I almost cried this noon, while i texted him. I let him have chances so i can have mine too. I believe many chances are waiting for me in my future. So, let Yours be done, God. I wont ask more, because i believe You'll give me Your best, so i will be happy with that. Amen.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kuliner Manado

Hai, bloggie. Sekarang saya lagi mau bagi-bagi info tempat makan enak di Manado. Secara saya besar di Manado, jadi sedikit banyak saya tau nama tempat makan yang enak di sini. Saya bikin list berdasarkan tempat yang paling saya sukaaa n sering makan ya (hehehe, ketauan doyan makan enak ya?) Ini dia.

1. Restoran Pongkor (arah Bitung)
Ini restoran, ikan mujair bakar rica-nya MAKNYUSS BANGET!!! Percaya deh sama saya, memang enak banget. Apalagi pas lagi lapar-laparnya, kan perjalanan kesitu agak jauh, tapi dijamin worth abis! Ini resto langganan keluarga saya, biasanya tinggal telp pas kita mau jalan, nyampe sana tinggal makan deh hehehe.. Enak banget!

2. Lesehan Semarangan ( Jalan Babe Palar, Rike)
Kalau yang ini tetanggaan sama saya, bisa dijangkau jalan kaki deh. Ayam gorengnya, ENAK BANGET!!! Kecil sih karena ayam kampung, tapi enak banget hehehe.. Saya suka makanan ala Malioboro di tempat ini. Kita juga bisa lesehan duduknya. Sop buntut, gudeg, tahu tempe bacemnya juga enak loh. Harganya amat bersahabat juga.

3. Green Garden (Jalan Samratulangi, sebelah Rex Mundi)
Hahaha, kalau yang ini mah persis di sebelah sekolah saya. Dari SD sampe SMA kerjaan saya ya makan di tempat ini. Dari pagi-pagi dia baru buka sampe hampir tengah malam pas kelaparan abis Prom Night hahaha.. Ada gitu saya, Angel sama Herlin kelaparan ga kenyang makan kue, jadinya kabur disini deh makan nasi. Saya kan sekolah di kompleks yang sama, nah, lokasi SMP tuh yang sebelah persis sama GG ini. Jadi kalau dah siang, dah ga konsen deh, abis wangi banget hahaha.. Menu andalan saya sih tetap dari masa ke masa, Nasi Goreng Babi Bakar dan Vanilla Ice Cappucino. Never fail deh hehe..

4. Restoran City Extra, Bandar, Nelayan (arah Amurang)
Cita rasa tiga resto seafood ini sih menurut saya sama aja. Jadi saya masukin aja sekalian sebagai bahan referensi. Pemilihan lokasi sih tergantung kepadatan biasanya hehehe.. Kalau mau view lebih bagus, saya pilih Bandar, tapi kalau hari hujan mending di Nelayan deh. Untuk masalah parkir, City Extra ma Bandar banyak banget parkirannya.

5. Heng Mien (Tinoor)
Ini resto ala Padang di Manado, tapi itungannya per orang bukan per porsi yang kita makan. Menu-nya ya menu khas Manado, yang aneh-aneh itu hehe.. Tapi setau saya di Heng Mien ga jual paniki (kelelawar), di Tinoor Jaya tuh yang jual. Saya sih ga gitu tau dan suka makanan Minahasa (khas Manado). Menurut saya bumbunya kebanyakan, trus bentuknya aneh. Jadi paling saya cuma makan Sate Babi atau Sate Ayam dan sup. Paling aneh yang mau saya makan si colombi (siput) dan acar.

6. Bakmi Super Cab. Jembatan Lima Jakarta (depan Wanea Plaza)
Ini sih sebenarnya favorit papa saya dan Daling. Kita pada suka sama mie keritingnya sih. Mie-nya dah enak dari sono-nya. Jadi mereka tinggal nambah daging dan sayur, voila, mie-nya jadi deh. Seporsi Rp12000, lumayan kan? Enak sih memang, apalagi abis berenang, itu enak banget hehe..

7. Ta Wan, Mantos
Resto standar mall sih, jadi pasti enak juga. Saya suka Sapo Seafoodnya. Menu andalan lain sih terserah papamama aja. Saya ga rewel kalau dibawa ke restoran Chinese Food sih, jadi gampang-gampang aja.

8. Quali, Mantos
Kita pada makan di Quali kalau papamama lagi ngidam Kwetiau. Karena di Manado, kata papamama ni (kita pada ga suka kwetiau, paling kita makan kwetiau kalau pas lagi di Medan aja) kwetiau yang enak ya kwetiau Quali. Plus karena ada taoge-nya, yang khas kwetiau Medan. Untuk menu lain sih, mirip-mirip aja ma Ta Wan. Tapi harga lebih murah deh kayaknya, oya, ada diskon 10% buat mahasiswa deh kalau ga salah.

9. Nasi Kuning jalan Sam Ratulangi
Saya sih ga gitu hapal lokasinya. Pokoknya dia ada di salah satu lorong jalan Samrat. Nasi kuningnya sih standar, cuma pake ikan cakalang dan kentang goreng, serius loh, polos aja dia, paling kalau mau tambah telur rebus. Tapi sambelnya, ga kuattt!! Pedes banget, jadinya enak banget ni nasi kuning secara keseluruhan. Kalau ga salah ingat sih ini di lorong Orlane, dekat rumah Pak Guru Iwan pas SMP dulu. Ntar kalau dah pasti saya kabarin lagi deh hehe..

10. Dego-dego, Wakeke
Kalau pas di Manado dan pengen nyicipin Tinutuan (Bubur Manado), tinggal nyebut aja Jalan Wakeke. Sepanjang jalan ini jual tinutuan soalnya. Dan favorit papamama saya adalah Dego-dego ini. Awalnya sih karena papa ngeliat Maudy Koesnaedi makan di tempat ini, trus pas liat tempatnya bersih dan keren, jadi kita keterusan makan di sini deh. Ga gitu suka tinutuan sih, ada sayur yang begetah gitu, tapi kalau pas di Manado ga makan tinutuan sekali aja, kok rasanya aneh ya? Jadi biar cuma sekali aja saya pasti makan tinutuan di Dego-dego ini. Oya, biasanya pas dah nyampe disana, saya sama mama justru mesan yang aneh-aneh kayak pisang goreng keju sama roti bakar keju, karena ga gitu suka tinutuan deh hehehe..

Nah, ini baru 10 sih. Top 10 tempat makan favorit saya dan keluarga di Manado, Sulawesi Utara. Ntar saya tambahin lagi listnya deh kalau dah jalan-jalan dan nemu makanan enak lagi di Manado. So, kalau pas di Manado, selamat makan-makan ya :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

bolognese :)

*gambar bengkok, sori hahaha*

I cooked spaghetti bolognese today. And it was perfectly success! Hahaha.. I am so happy, so does my family, Sintong especially, he ate it. Unlucky mama and Daling who had sicked so they couldn't enjoy mine. Daddy enjoyed my Perkedel Wortel himself, he even made it finished alone hahaha.. I have this whole day great, well at least everything went like i want them too.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cooking time

Hahaha, i am so shy to post here about my cooking experience these days. But, in the other hand, i am exciting and have so much fun while cooking, and i wanna share here. First i made fried squid last week, and it was success. Daling enjoyed it but Sintong couldn't eat squid, so he didn't eat it. Mamapapa was bounded themselves so they just eat some of them.

Yesterday i met Angel and we shopped for my next experiences. Picture above was some of food material i bought because i am planning to cook some menus and i have to prepare it well. Angel was my tour guide on supermarket yesterday. She could cook well and i hope i can cook as well as her too. I also got one simple yet delicious recipe from her, called it Corn Soup and i had experienced it last night. Daling said it was delicious hahaha, i am happy to remember that. So, i am ready for my next menus, hope it will success, Amen.

p.s : i broke Japan tahu this morning. Stupid me, i put them on freezer, so it couldn't be cook more, huhuhu. So, i failed Mun Tahu for mama, but i still have one but i will try later.

Monday, July 13, 2009

heal the world

Actually i am not a big fan of Michael Jackson (MJ), but my mom is. I was born in late 1980s, almost 1990, you can see my facebook account for detail date, so i wasn't grow up with MJ's songs. But, as far as i can tell about his songs, that they are awesome! I watched World Longest Video Clip, Thrilled by MJ from my mom's vcd on 1990s and i loved it! So does my brothers. We also knew some of his songs, like Smooth Criminal, You Are Not Alone, World Song, I'll Be There ( my favourite one) and the famous Heal The World.

After his sudden death on June 26, if i'm not mistaken, my mom shocked and every day all we watched was MJ's news. Lucky us, mom didn't insist us to re-watch MJ's vcds she has. But, i guess it will great, maybe i'll watch it again after my full week. Is it okay, mama? =p

Heal The World lyric
There's a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow.
And if you really try
You'll find there's no need to cry
In this place you'll feel
There's no hurt or sorrow.
There are ways to get there
If you care enough for the living
Make a little space, make a better place.

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for
You and for me.

If you want to know why
There's a love that cannot lie
Love is strong
It only cares for joyful giving.
If we try we shall see
In this bliss we cannot feel
Fear or dread
We stop existing and start living
Then it feels that always
Love's enough for us growing
Make a better world, make a better world.

Heal the world
Make it a better place
For you and for me and the entire human race.
There are people dying
If you care enough for the living
Make a better place for
You and for me.

And the dream we would conceived in
Will reveal a joyful face
And the world we once believed in
Will shine again in grace
Then why do we keep strangling life
Wound this earth, crucify it's soul
Though it's plain to see, this world is heavenly
Be God's glow.

We could fly so high
Let our spirits never die
In my heart I feel
You are all my brothers
Create a world with no fear
Together we'll cry happy tears
See the nations turn
Their swords into plowshares
We could really get there
If you cared enough for the living
Make a little space to make a better place.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

quick resque

Big news came to town, my youngest brother has just made his own facebook account and became so excited with it! He kept yelling my name, ask for everything he was curious about these month and i helped him as much as i can do, of course hehehe.. Then he added some of his friends ( some of them i knew, i also teased him with a girl which i liked her so much! so cuteeeeee hahaha)

So, after a day, we opened again his account and his friend requests have been approved from some relatives and friends. He also answered quiz and already knew how to publish it, reply or start a chat, and reply comments or status. What a great progress, huh? I am happy with it and keep doing it, brother!

Personally i am bored with facebook. It made me mad twice this year, no need to reveal here why. So, i just wanna help my brother and congrats him and my cousin who had just signed in to facebook. Happy facebook-ing :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

first vote!

Look at my little finger. I've just voted for the very first time in my life. I was so proud of my self (hahahaha) and excited indeed. Daddy went with me on 11.30 p.m, i am an additional elector because i didn't have Manado ID Card ( i have Jakarta one and passport, also in Jakarta address). Then, we had to wait for several minutes for my self to called. Tadaaa, i have successfully "mencontreng" my beloved mom, hihihii. Maybe it will be 2 putaran, and i won't be able to vote again, but at least, i have done my job as a good citizen, to vote my president! Merdeka!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


I felt tired these days, family problem (they kept yelling in the kitchen now, had to have a problem solving real soon), exhausted body and mind (my right hip still uncomfort until now) and had angry for almost 3weeks with him. 3weeks,huh? Then he became so selfish yesterday. Pretend nothing happened - he always did it. I guess Sigmund Freud had to invent one more defense mechanism, or it similar with denial? Whatever! I hate it. It all made me uncomfort with myself lately. My life wasn't run smoothly and my feeling even worse. Hope these unpleasant things will end soon. Godbless

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rumah Inang

Ingat ga dulu waktu kecil, pas SD gitu, kita biasa baca cerita tentang liburan di rumah nenek. Nenek dalam cerita buku cetak Bahasa Indonesia itu biasanya tinggal di sawah, memandikan kerbau, pokoknya kegiatan yang sangat pedesaan. Ingat ga?

Nah, sekarang saya punya cerita yang kurang lebih sama. Rumah Inang (mamanya mama saya) ada di Pulau Samosir. Pulau itu ada di Sumatera Utara, lihat di peta. Perjalanan kesana aja udah panjang bangeeett! Melelahkan banget, apalagi kita dah abis acara, jadi capeknya dobel2. Tapi pas nyampe disana dah puas.

Rumah Inang itu rumah kayu. Cuma terdiri dari ruang tamu yang besar, biasa kita pake untuk makan, kalo malam buat tidur para pria. Disini ada foto2 cucu Inang. Ada juga foto saya ultah 1 taun hehe, masih lucu hehe. Trus ada dapur, ada ruang gede, kita nyebutnya kamar gede, itu buat tempat tidur kita2 para cucu2. Dah kayak ikan kaleng kalo bobo disitu, saling peluk2 aja hahaha. Tapi disitu serunya! Kita jadi bisa saling kenal, foto2 juga disitu, secara sepupu saya banyak banget! Hehe.. Trus ada kamar Inang. Inang sih jarang bobo dikamar itu, dia lebih senang bobo sama kita di kamar gede. Kamar itu juga dipake buat penganten baru di keluarga kami hihi. Tapi, kali ini keluarga saya yang bobo di situ. Ada juga kamar 1 lagi, tapi itu untuk kakaknya mama saya yang tinggal disitu.

Di halaman rumah ada pohon2 mangga, yang termanis sedunia. Enak banget! Manis, tapi kecil2 hehe. Trus, ada pohon2 coklat juga. Inang saya tidak bersawah, tapi berladang. Jadi, ada ladang bawang, dulu ada tomat juga. Apa ada jagung juga ya? Saya lupa hehe. Kalo musim panen kami juga bisa manen loh, tak perlu ke Mekarsari untuk manen. Tapi, satu hal yang saya ga gitu suka, di rumah Inang ada banyak banget binatang! Saya suka ada anjing, baek2 mereka smua. Ada kerbau juga, ada babi, dia aman karena diikat. Tapi banyak banget ayam!! Saya ga suka dekat2 ayam. Apalagi pas lagi betelur, gila, ayam2 itu jadi ganas banget! Mengerikan! Hiiyyy!

Meskipun begitu, 2 hari ini saya senang dirumah Inang, meskipun kedinginan pas subuh2. Puas banget makan mangga juga, makan panggang juga hehe..Saya juga mandi di Danau Toba, dingin banget juga! Hehehe.. Sekarang saya udah di ferry balik ke Medan yang amat panas. Semoga semua aman2, dan sampai kami datang ke Samosir lg hehe..