Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cooking time

Hahaha, i am so shy to post here about my cooking experience these days. But, in the other hand, i am exciting and have so much fun while cooking, and i wanna share here. First i made fried squid last week, and it was success. Daling enjoyed it but Sintong couldn't eat squid, so he didn't eat it. Mamapapa was bounded themselves so they just eat some of them.

Yesterday i met Angel and we shopped for my next experiences. Picture above was some of food material i bought because i am planning to cook some menus and i have to prepare it well. Angel was my tour guide on supermarket yesterday. She could cook well and i hope i can cook as well as her too. I also got one simple yet delicious recipe from her, called it Corn Soup and i had experienced it last night. Daling said it was delicious hahaha, i am happy to remember that. So, i am ready for my next menus, hope it will success, Amen.

p.s : i broke Japan tahu this morning. Stupid me, i put them on freezer, so it couldn't be cook more, huhuhu. So, i failed Mun Tahu for mama, but i still have one but i will try later.

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