Saturday, July 11, 2009

quick resque

Big news came to town, my youngest brother has just made his own facebook account and became so excited with it! He kept yelling my name, ask for everything he was curious about these month and i helped him as much as i can do, of course hehehe.. Then he added some of his friends ( some of them i knew, i also teased him with a girl which i liked her so much! so cuteeeeee hahaha)

So, after a day, we opened again his account and his friend requests have been approved from some relatives and friends. He also answered quiz and already knew how to publish it, reply or start a chat, and reply comments or status. What a great progress, huh? I am happy with it and keep doing it, brother!

Personally i am bored with facebook. It made me mad twice this year, no need to reveal here why. So, i just wanna help my brother and congrats him and my cousin who had just signed in to facebook. Happy facebook-ing :)

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