Monday, July 27, 2009

superb weekend

Finally me and my family could have a special weekend just 5 of us! Actually we have arrived in Manado for 2 weeks, but many bad things happened so we haven't have our-time until last Saturday. It started from Friday, when i went to Tomohon with Sintong. We're looked for a special place for him and his friends to have retreat. And we got it! I loved that place, no matter with the price. They had beautiful, really really beautiful view. I hoped i can post pictures also, but i can't because i didn't bring its usb. But later i will. It was a great place to marry, or take prewed. Hahaha, just dreaming guys, LOL.

So, in Saturday we went there. And we all agree that it was a great place to visited. After enjoyed the view, we went to Outbond Area. I just tried their Flying Fox, my first time actually, a bit curious and nervous, but i liked it :) My brothers took all the outbond games, but Darling didn't finish it. After that, we went to Tomohon, to have Mujair Bakar Rica as our lunch. It's not a place i recommended, so don't eat there hahaha, well they don't even know how to serve us well. In my opinion, guys. In the evening we had family gathering in Green Garden Restaurant. I had my Vanilla Ice Cappucino, which i have dreamed about 2 weeks hehehe.. Happy happy happy..

Yesterday turned great also, except an accident in Malalayang. One of my relative was there, 5 cars and 1 motorcycle was broke. Suddenly i remembered my own experience last October in Kota Tua, Bandar Lampung. Uhhh, i was so scared that day. But thanks God, eventhough many cars was broke but no one was injured yesterday. One thing i hate in last weekend has just rain! 2 days with rain, big ones. But full with happiness, no problems hehehe..

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