Sunday, July 19, 2009


I guess many people will bore if i put post with this tittle, because today all i've said and tell people is about chance. It started when i watched Evan Almighty at HBO last night with mama, Sintong and Daling. Though i fell asleep in the end of that movie (i was so sleepy, it almost 11.30 p.m.), i got one special point from that movie. When Evan's wife, Joan, who confused with Evan, how his beard grew up, his will to build an ark, and she even thought to leave him. God came to her and tell her about that chance to trust her husband, to support him, to accompany him in good and bad, as a marriage vow she'd said in front of God. About chances that God've given us. It also can be called GIFT or MIRACLE.

" If we asked God for brave, will He give us brave? Or He will give us a chance to be brave? If we asked God for love, wil He give us love or chances to love? -God-"

Suddenly i thought about my life. How many good chances i ignored in my whole life? How many time i regreted them? And how many chances i let myself to do goodness for His name? I almost cried this noon, while i texted him. I let him have chances so i can have mine too. I believe many chances are waiting for me in my future. So, let Yours be done, God. I wont ask more, because i believe You'll give me Your best, so i will be happy with that. Amen.

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