Monday, July 27, 2009

i am only human with these facts

Well, i have no idea what to write in this post. My daddy said that he'll bring this laptop to office tomorrow, so i decided to post as many as i can, and finally i am in my third post this morning hehehe. I'll go to somewhere cool this noon, and will have my shopping spree alone, as mamapapah has promised me :p But, before i take a bath and prepare myself, i'll list some facts about me. Here they are!

1. My real name is Gressiana Siahaan, but people known me as An(n)a Siahaan, so i used that name in many accounts.
2. I have no email account with my real name or surename, but i'll plan to make it, as my way to grow up, and forget all my crush which i chose to be my account name :p
3. I used contact lenses since class 9 and i even remembered that i used it in Sheren's birthday, January 2004 for the very first time.
4. I was named after my auntie (i called her Bou). My grandpa named me, Gress, while mama gave Ana after she gave born to me in St. Anna Hospital.
5. I cried more often since i went to college two years ago.
6. I don't eat lamb, durian, avocado, dog, and so on hehehe.
7. I prefer chesse than chocolate.
8. Above all flavor of ice cream, i chose Green Tea as the best flavor. Green Tea Blizzard from Dair Queen was my favourite.
9. I also loved Green Tea Frappucino in Starbucks since i didn't drink coffee there.
10. I hate excercise hehehehe, it really dissapoint my parents
11. I love writings, i started to write a short story since i was in Elementary School.
12. It made me have 3 diaries, 2 books with short stories, and 4 agendas in High School.
13. But, now, i have this blog as my diary, and i hope i'll keep up this blog good. So, give me response or comment, please. Don't be silent readers.
14. I loved to sleep with my brothers, eventhough mom insisted us not too hehehe..
15. I planned myself to marry on age 25 and have 3 children - cross my fingers :p
16. I shop everytime, when stressing out or not, i still shop if i want and have enough money hehehe
17. Have i told you i adore EEYORE so much?? I love him :)
18. Man will always looks good on white shirt - as my opinion - so, if you wanna flirt me, use white shirt and clean shoes hahaha
19. I am so much keen to driving and cooking, hope i can master them both
20. Eventhough i haven't check my friendster account for a long time, i still love it, i have it since 2004, many memories was there.
21. I rarely dreaming while sleeping, trust me.
22. But, as my family had told me, i twice walk while sleeping.
23. I am pure Batak, so don't trust my college friends who told me that i looked like Javanese.
24. I love arguing (or i can say give comments freely hehe)
25. Above all facts, I felt so much blessed to be my self. Thanks God :)

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