Thursday, July 30, 2009


Finally i got sick, huhuhu.. I am totally exhaust for a month (it is true), and at the end, i have to let my body and mind had rest, before i leave home. And here i am, sleep all the day, hahaha.. I wanna shop actually but i'll keep that money until i shop in Jakarta, sooner. Beside i wont't be able to shop myself, and have no idea where to shop either. Now, i have to take rest, let my mind thinking nothing. Let me think it was the best way, and i guess i was. I can't deny i always get mad if i'm thinking about it, but, but, but, i have to let him and all the stories go.

Be happy, i will keep going stronger for people surrounds me. I have lots of dreams before December, and i hope i can fulfill it, Amen.

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