Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monsters on March

After accidentaly deleted Smurf Village from ipod, i decided to take a break from all game. It was a real heart broken. I started played Smurf Village since last year, after i watched its movie. The movie was just good, but the game is really a heart stealer. I even purchased, okay a lot, smurfberries. I builed their village pretty well, but it all disappear with one touch in ipod touch. OUCH! Since i have several games beside smurf village, i played them randomly. Until one day, a workmate told me to download Monster Pet Shop. Have i told you that everyone in my department own an ipod/android? And they all playing smurf village? It breaks my heart to hear the sounds every harvest time. Huhuhu. But i've promised myself not to play smurf village and i really want to prove that.

So, i took their recomendation to download Monster Pet Shop. The game is about taking care of monster eggs, from the incubator until they're ready to be sold. An customer will come and request a monster, your job is to provide good quality monsters to them. You have your own monster shop and monster in this case is a pet. Hehehe. The eggs itselves remind me about Easter eggs, so colorful and cute. Do download it yourself. Now i'm in love with this new game. Workmates will share me some eggs this week so i could sell the right monsters to my customer. Woohoo!

Anyway, have a good and pleasant week ahead, friends! Don't forget to take a vitamin with you. I thought i got a flu from workmates last week, so it's time to recharge my energy and ready to hit the work tomorrow. Bye bye!

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