Monday, March 26, 2012

on my purse (for today special occasion )

As an employee, it is my duty to take a part of company's occasion. It will be the second occasion since my first day. For the first time, they didn't call me to help them, because i'm still a newbie in the office. But, for  today occasion, the asked me to be an usher, and i have no other answer but yes. I will go to office earlier, wear a kebaya, have to smile a lot, and do not have to work (nay!). It's not that i love my job so much, it's because i've already postponed two days work since last Friday was a public holiday. I have to work harder on Tuesday then. But no worries, i have a feeling that this week will be a great one.

Since i don't know what to post, i wandered on my room. Silly, yes. I already have a WIFI connection in my room, that's why lately i only catch up with twitter, path and monster pet. I am too lazy to open this laptop and spend a time to write, eventhough i miss writing a lot. So, i took my camera and captured stuffs i will bring later today. I won't bring wallet and my everyday purse, because i don't know the location yet and where to put them safely, thus i put some stuffs in bigger purse. Here are some of them :

keychain, coin purse, extra battery for blackberry, artificial tears, vitamins on lenses box, lip gloss, eyeliner, aromatherapy, and make up remover

You can guess it easily that i will have a hair do and make up today. So, i prepared some of my make up stuffs. I can't easily trust someone's make up tools, especially when there are plenty of us (and lots of other people) wear the same brushes and tools. That's why i bring my essential ones, like lipgloss and eyeliner, because they are sensitive and easily got bacteria. I don't want to go home with irritated eyes and itchy lips :( Anyway, i woke up too early this morning due to my old laptop's download problems. I haven't used it for years and now accidentaly i have to and found out i left it without any upgrades (software and antivirus). Now, let's back to only-an-hour-left sleep before i go to work. Have a blessed Monday, people!

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