Sunday, February 19, 2012

a new plot of life

Happy Sunday, folks.

Tomorrow, i will facing another first life experience. I will start a new plot of life called work. It's my first real job, since graduation last year. I already sent many letters, emails to many office around Jakarta and almost took some jobs. But this overthinking-and-definitely not a risk taker personality made me pass them all. Until one day, i got a call from AF (my current office, i might say) and offer me a job. The whole process was very smooth, from the first interview till the medical check up.

To be frank, work wasn't my first plan for this year. I want to continue my master first, but this jobless thing force me to prove that i can work too. So, i let God decided and He amazingly give me this job right in time, to teach me how to save money, to live life as an adult, to prove that i could take responsibility and the most of all, to thank Him. Here i am now, stepping outside my comfort zone, from parent's little girl to an office staff who has to work from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm. Phewww. Please pray for me, cause never in my life i have this sort of tight schedule. My body and soul will positively drain. But worry not, i already plan some stuff to cheer me up. So, happy working dear me!

*backsound : Working Song from Enchanted, Walt Disney.

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