Monday, March 30, 2009

i love mama in my every age

Mama, happy birthday :)

Now my mom is 45 years old, 5 years to go to be a half century. Wow, and 5 years to go, i'll be a quarter of century, wowowow, time flies so fast. Mama, i hope you can join my years to go as i hope i can join yours too. I prayed God for it, and believed you prayed me, too. Mama, thanks for being my mom, thanks for all the knowledge you've given me, thanks for giving me chance to grow as a normal girl, thanks for buying me all stuff, thanks for keeping teeling me your biggest secrets and thought, thanks for added me 2 naughty brothers whose i loved the most, thanks for married my big-fat-funny daddy, thanks for trusting me to be your friend, and thanks for all tears you've cried because of me. I can't pay all, i can't share all my life, i can't be the one on this world, i can't buy you the expensive one you wish for, but trust me, i'll love you forever. I love you in my every age until i close my eyes. I love you, mama.


angelica said...

na, kalo nn pe mama baca ini, pasti jadi kado ultah yang tak terlupakan..
qt le mau dang beso2 jadi mama, kong dapa kado ultah begini hehehe

A.M.C -- Anna Mau Cerita said...

hehehe.. nn mau kado apa dang ini?
bingung kita ngel=p