Sunday, March 22, 2009


K Ocha, Maria, Bou Rita, Anna

Bou Rita, Maria, Jose, Mama, Bou Ocha, Opung, Anna

Jojo took these pictures when i was in Medan last week. We all knew that my youngest bou, Bou Rita will deliver her son in April 7, 2009. But, i was shock when last night, Maria texted me to inform that the baby will be dilevered soon. Then, Enos Aritonang born last night. Well, thanks be to God for all the good things He had given to us, especially to give Enos to my Bou's family.

>> Today, i move again, back to my old room, with new atmosphere. Whuah, i still have to wait until Thursday to make it finish, because i still have to wait for the desk to come. I more love my room now *kiss kiss* -more pictures in further posts ya..

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