Thursday, March 26, 2009

white lies (on boys opinion) in relationship

get out!

Well, i became sensitive on these words, white lies. All of us have personal experience about white lies, especially on our relationship. But, lies still lies, no excuse for any lies in my relationship. I have to admit, i am not an extrovert person, maybe i can tell many inspiring and more personal stories to my friends, but, i still keep the best part on my mind. Not because i didn't believe them, i believed them, but, i think it's better to keep it myself. My friends also has their own problems, so do i, and i won't to add mine to them. I can laugh with them, i can sing a happy song the whole day, but, in the middle of the night, i still wake up, think and think about my problems.

Now, i have problems with my latest relationship. Well, i think i have to say that it was a relationship, but, i will keep ignoring you who is the guy. He broke my heart! Day by day he kept on telling lies. And the big problem is it was white lies, according to his opinion. Damn you, boy! I couldn't deny that as a woman, we hate lies, no matter what. If you, as a man, was brave and gentle enough, why don't you say good bye to me personally. It'll break my heart, and yes it will, but, it's better than what you have done to me this whole week. You keep ignoring me, still not text or call me, and even worse, you still keep the white lies (on your opinion). Well, you love the lies, don't you? And the person who made you to tell me the (white) lies?

I hate you! And you still don't care about it, don't you?


Agina Manalu said...

betul itu Na, boong tetaplah boong, no excuse! hidup anna, hihiiii...
kyknya lg bnyak masalah y temand? cerita2 neh..
qt cm kaget seorang anna yang biasanya sangat kalem & penyabar bisa smpe mrah kayak gt, brarti tu sseorg mungkin s ktrlaluan no =P..
just call me, ok?..

angelica said...

anna, jang bagitu kwa.. nn bangun tenga malam le, qt masih eksis, qt to aktif 1x24 jam
yah memang sih ada hal2 tertentu yang torang nda mau bagi, mar kalo so siap for bagi2, ada qt yang mo trima2.
yeah, qt stuju, damn you man!!!

Anonymous said...

maksudnya apa?
Abg ga boong, dan enak aja ngehakimin..
Abg sayang ma ana..

Anna Siahaan said...

@ herlin : yup2, boong sekali akan ada boong2 selanjutnya kan? yah, mgkn memang dia keterlaluan, dan memang dah keterlaluan deh.. herlin, thanks ya..

@ angelica : hehehe, biarkanlah dia berkembang sesuai keinginannya, ngel.. toh udah dewasa, tau lah mana yang baik dan yg tidak buat dia,, iya kan?

@ herlin n angel : makasih ya, sahabat2ku :)