Friday, March 20, 2009

what's on my mind

Few days ago, i was asking myself after i replied Ibu Henny's message for me. Then, i wrote that question in my facebook - what's on my mind. This is my question, "Why God create differences if He has the power to make everything the same?".

Some of my friends replied it, made their own comments about it. Well, maybe i wasn't asking about God's power, God's works, God's will on this world, but more about how i create my own self according to His plan on me. I know i am different from all of my friends, we all born as an ideal and free person, but in our life we will find a lot of troubles with our differences with others. As a baby, we are same with others, need milk, cry when we are thirsty, need parents hug, but, why we grow to make He cry with thousand mistakes? Maybe, you'll be disorient with all i've wrote, well, me too. I can't find the best words to describe what i mean by asking that question, that's all.. Have a nice day hehehe..

p.s : i just believe, in God, we are the same, we are His children, He won't let us fall, and we won't ask again His mark on Creativity Subject, okay? =p

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angelica said...

my answer is:
yah untuk pertanyaan2 seperti itulah kita harus belajar untuk melihat dengan "karma"d