Saturday, March 14, 2009

i love (not being with too much) butterflies

I like butterfly, it's one of my favourite animal in the world. It's colorful, cute, and free, because it can flies wherever it wants. And i can draw it easily, it made me like it more over. There's one philosophy about butterfly too. It has to transform itself from egg to worm and to pupa first, before it can be a pretty buttterfly. Not a short time. It takes a long time to transform, and need to be brave enough to be different.

But, when i went to Penang Butterfly Farm in Penang, i became dislike butterfly and any other reptiles. Oh my God, i hate them! I have to admit that i dislike outdoor activities. I dislike to clean garden, to even splash my mom's plant, well they said it all are flowers, but i still didn't see it growed as a beautiful flower, it just full with leaves. Guess what i mean? Yes, anthurium, like Gelombang Cinta, and so on. I didn't think they are pretty, and still not think they are pretty hahaha..

I dislike being too much butterflies flies all over my body. And, a lot of caterpillar as butterflies friends also near with me. And, i promised you will shock, they have a hundred scorpion too! And to make it even worse they also put a pool for what, eels! God, i couldn't help to worry about it! But, my mom happy to see more and more exhibit, but, i truly want to go back to hotel to shower all my body, to make me feel more comfort. Iuhhh..

Well, here is some of our pictures there. Maybe you can see how i smiled while taking pictures but, now you know exactly that i was not that happy to go there. Oh, butterflies..

mom was the exciting one

butterflies ate bananas

will they kick me? hahaha, fool photo of me

in their museum

my favourite : yellow butterfly

mom, you can't eat them

happy to play with butterflies

my mom loves the blue ones

butterflies around the world

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