Saturday, March 14, 2009


I've just arrived home from Medan yesterday. Me and my mom just transitted in Medan for a night. A week before we went to Penang. My mom had an uterus operation on March6 there on Hospital Pantai Mutiara, Penang. I was so affraid through that time, and always thought about the worst thing. But, thanked God, nothing happened. Not even one bad thing. That time is just me, alone, tried my best to help my mom's recovery. Thanked God also i can manage my mood there, my emotions, my money, my sleep time, for our family sake of course.

Well, we also had some fun there with Pak Cik Hamid, a good family man from Yaman, thanks for the drove, sir. We went to Penang Butterfly Farm, Queensbay, Batu Feringghi and Georgetown. The last one was the most exciting place i've travelled there. I hope someday i can visit Penang again, to see what i haven't see when i was there last week and also take pictures there. And continue to journey to KL and another country hehe.. Sint had announced me that he will go to Penang this June, daddy would you mind if i join him?hehehe.. *devil laugh*

we are in Georgetown with KL view

the British old train in front of the museum

with Malay's sakura

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