Sunday, March 15, 2009

ayo dukung Patton!

Hahaha, i am so happy now! Patton will beat Debo in Idola Cilik Final Show next week! I bet anyone of you for Patton to be the winner hahaha.. Wah, Happy.. Happy.. Happy.. Happy.. Happy :)

Anyway, Patton not my only "idola cilik" on that show, i prefer Obiet firstly until i heard that he failed to be the top three last week. My mom was in her recovery last Sunday, and got sad suddenly. Yeah, my mom is one of Obiet's big fan. She loves how Obiet sangs, not for sake of victory, instead of making us feel that he sang from his heart. Whuah, i truly love him *kiss kiss* hehehe..

Now, back focus on Patton again. Don't forget to vote him, by type PATTON send to 6228, don't forget ya. And don't forget to watch the final show too, and you'll get fall for him soon :)

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