Monday, March 2, 2009

travel bag

Today, i have one big task, to find a perfect travel bag. I have to admit, i am not a good buyer, i often bought things that i have never planned before, and it was just because their first impression for me. In psychology, they said that it was called " Hallo Effect " but it just happened to person actually.

Fortunately, i met Thio and Egen while searching for travel bag. After walk around, to one shop to another, actually, we just searched in Matahari hahaha, but, i was not satisfy with all their travel bag. So we moved again to Planet Surf, and got this pretty one :)

I liked its model, colours, but the price hahaha. But, my father gave me permit to use ATM to buy this, cause i have no cash at that time. Well, i will use it for one big reason, that i will tell you later. I hope, everything's gonna be alright. Cheers!

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