Tuesday, March 3, 2009

random facts about me

The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 7 People.

Here we go now…

1. The age of my next birthday

Yeah, i'll be 20 in this year, wah, getting old ya.. Well, i have to think about my life more serious now, whats my first goal ya??

2. A place i’d like to travel to

Have you got the place? Or, have not?

It is Greece!

Its place has the most beatiful beach i've ever seen, eventhough just by movie. Mamma Mia took this place to shot their scenes. Wow, so beautiful. I am dreaming to have honeymoon here, will i get it?? hehehe..

3. A favorite place

If i said home, it means my A. Mononutu 114, Manado home. I loved it so much and miss it goddamn now. I have my own privacy there, people i loved the most, own king size bed and own room too, full of snack refrigerator, and so on. I miss ya!

4. A favorite food

I am addicted to rice :)

5. Favourite thing(s)

I collected Eeyore, it is my favourite cartoon character. I loved all my Eeyore collection. So, have you got what i want for this coming birthday? Thank you before=p

This is my handphone, w910i by Sony Erricson. I liked the style from the very first time and i got it as my 19 years old birthday present from my beloved dad. Thanks, dad!

Introducing my twin. Aspire 4310 by Acer. It broke already by Daling's magical hit. The only problem is i still can't use its bluetooth. Arrghh!

6. Favourite colour(s)

I loved turquoise. Not only the spelling, but also it owns color. Such a bright and elegant colour, how lovely :)

Looked also this pretty turquoise camera shot by Sony, i didn't know the type. But, i liked it, it looks so pretty, right? Whuah, daddy, i want it =p

7. A City Where I was Born

I was born in St. Anna Hospital in Bandar Lampung

8. Cities Which I ever Lived in

I lived in Bandar Lampung for 5 years before moved to Manado. Why i put this picture above? Because my mother always said that everyweek she had to bring me to Artomoro, well, Artomoro was a famous swalayan in mid 90s in Lampung. But, now Lampung has its own mall, called Mall Kartini, near to Artomoro, too.

It is Bunaken, have you heard it? Bunaken located on Sulawesi Utara, which had Manado as its capital city. I lived in Manado for 12 years, before i moved again to Jakarta. I loved this city, the atmosphere, the neighbor, the "angkot" and THE FOOD. Its sooo spicy, i loved it. Mm, delicious!

Here's my beloved schools. Fyi, i have my elementary school at St. Theresia, junior high school at Pax Christi and senior high school at Rex Mundi in the same place, really. It is located on Sam Ratulangi street, in front of Katedral Church.

Now, i'm in Jakarta! For a year and half actually. An open city for 24 hours! You still find a traffic jam eventhough you arround Jakarta in the middle night. But, i love Jakarta, it consists of thousand different people and many malls to shop till die too, and i felt blessed to lived here.

Here's my Jakarta's life. I am studying at Tarumanagara University, so i lived near to my campus. Look at my campus, isn't it gorgeous? hehehe..

Have you ate Bolu Meranti? It was lcated in Medan. Well, i haven't live in Medan for a long time, i just visited Medan in Christmas Holiday to stay there for only one month. And Blueberry and Mocca flavor from Bolu Meranti was my favourites.

9. A Nickname I Have

I just have one nickname, Anna. Actually my real name just Ana, but i liked to wrote it Anna, well, up to you, if you wanna call me An, Na, Ana or Anna.

10. College Major

It is a sign of psychology. I wish i can be a psychologist someday :)

11. Name of My Love

I loved my family so much (Papa, Mama, Sintong and Darling)

Loved my friends too, as Shrek loved Donkey hahahaha

12. A Bad Habit

I get lazy sometimes, it was my bad-bad-bad habbit huhuhu

13. A hobby

I loved to write. I loved to share my feeling, experience and love by write it. So, i made this blog to keep all my writings. Wish someday i could publish all my writings like Mrs. J.K. Rowling.

14. Wishlist

I wish me and my family can go to HK this mid year holiday and visit HK Disneyland to meet my beloved son, Eeyore hehehe. I hope so :)

Isn't it lovely? I heart this Gold Macbook :)

And Blackberry Curve 8310, too.

Maybe this car will complete my wonderful life hahahaha..

Or this closet? I heart it :)

15. And I tag: Herlin Agina Manalu, for the only friend on my blogroll hehehe..

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Agina Manalu said...

wahhh, so interesting postingnya Na... aplg klo yg ngebaca org2 yg pengen tau ttg anna like si Abang, hehehe...
Anna mmg punya bkat menulis yg baik, cocok dgn jurusannya, jd bisa berinteraksi dgn bnyak org..
GBU Na..