Sunday, March 1, 2009

March already

Well, it's March already! Time flies so fast. In the end of this month i will face UTS - middle exam for this semester, it means i have to study harder than these whole weeks hehehe.. I also have 2 dates to count on this month, my mama's birthday and my parents anniversary :)
I have bought a gift for my parents but haven't get yet a gift for my mama. I have no idea, but maybe, i'll think it when i go out in the next days. We'll see what i'll buy.

Now, back to March. I went to church last morning, felt a thousand blessed from God after i felt so terrible yesterday! I wanna tell you why, but, i can't. I felt like a dumb! Fortunately, Ibu Henny helped me to think about it easily. Life consists with up and down, if you got down, try to make you up again. While i am thinking about her suggestions, i remember also Thio's new haircut! He had a jambul style now, which is means (for his) way to the peak. I liked to say his style is "menukik" hehehehe.. I have to cheer myself, be better, i won't cry for him or whatever sake! I won't! God, please lead me on the way You planned me :)

Now, i'll continue my homework, i have three unfinish works, and i made my own deadline, which is tonight. Well, hope i can finish it ontime. But, check out my wrap pictures first. I have 15 pictures simillar like these, but, i just let you see this 5, because they are the worst pictures according to me hehehe.. Enjoy it!

Anyway, it is my March Calender. I bought it in January in Manado, and had re-arranged it yesterday as my reminder. Funny, huh? I loved it :) Thanks for my beloved papa whom bought me this calender. I miss him and the whole family already. Happy Sunday, people!

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