Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Today i visited old folks in "panti werda", all of them was grandmas for their family, yeah, maybe they had not have granchildren yet, but we called them grandma or oma. I got acquainted with 2 grandmas, name Oma Sri and Oma Sengnyo, the last oma i mention i didn't know for sure how to write her name. Both of them had stayed there for long time, 6 and 15 years! And Oma Sri, didn't have any family and relatives, because she had no child, poor her. But, i said her, that her 26 friends (they all 27 grandmas) are her family. They have to keep pray for each other. And she had to know, after we visited them, we became her family too, that we will pray for her and hope her to pray for us, too. She is 90 years old now, whereas Oma Sengnyo is 88 years old. But, Oma Sengnyo has child who lived in Sawah Besar and has 2 granchildren too. But, later i realized that (maybe) she had bad relationship with her child. I hope i was wrong for that opinion.

Oma Sri, me, Oma Sengnyo

We took picture before went home

Then, i missed inang (my mother's mother) suddenly. I miss her. I can't list what things i miss from her, i just miss her. I want her to sleep with me, listen her stories about my mom hehehe and her siblings, cook together (yeah, i just help her, i can't cook hehehe), whuah, i just miss her. I didn't say any goodbies when she went heaven on August 14, 2006. I know that all of my family miss her too, and now, i am crying, i miss her.
Inang, anna kangen..

Inang last picture, my father took it

Inang carried me :)

But, i still have one oma, i called her opung, she is my father's mother. I think i didn't get close with her until now, instead of i am missing my grandpa now. She is my only grandparent now, i have to respect her more, and i hope i can do it better day by day. And now, we had planning a big birthday party for her this December. She'll be 75 years old this year and we planned to wear gold in that party. Last time i met her was 2 weeks ago, and maybe we'll meet again in July for my cousin's wedding before her birthday this December.

Opung carried me :)

My last picture with opung last week in Medan

Well, this post i dedicate to all grandmas in this world. Hope all of you will live happily in your old days :)

Today also my parents' 20th anniversary. I gave them our face keychain, and was happy because they liked it. But, i forgot to take the picture of that keychain, maybe later when i home i'll take a picture with that. Hmm, now, i am thinking, where will the go for dinner to celebrate it? Mommy, don't forget your cute daughter here ya, hahaha.. I love you all :)


Par Bintan said...

Very touching...

Very good posting Anna.

God bless

A.M.C -- Anna Mau Cerita said...

panggil abang aja kali ya? hehe