Tuesday, March 17, 2009

be yourself and respect others

even Sudirman respects us!

Whuah, it was a long day. I woke up in 6.30am and started my first class on 8am, and ended the whole 3 classes today on 4.30pm. I am so tired now, and had listed what i will do in next several minutes to go haha..
1. Get relax after washing my hands and legs
2. Switch off the light
3. Pray
4. Check my AC remote, make sure it still 22degree
5. Sleeeepppp :)
Actually, i'll hug my eeyore first before i close my eyes and try to sleep hehehe *childish mode : on*

I also had token some facebook tests today, and get my eyes blink for some results hehehe..But, later i have to admit, it all connected one another, like about Jakarta life and my personality. Yeah, i am not bore to live in Jakarta, cause i just lived here for almost 2 years. I had no experience on flood, too much crowded, war, and so on. I lived happily in my room, although i became unsatisfy now, hope this week i can move to a better room.

So, i think maybe i have to more respect on Jakarta's citizen. From "gepeng" to President SBY, baby to nanny, jobless to CEO, and so on. Jakarta has its problems, we have to solve it together, maybe i have no right to judge which one better or not, but if i try to make it getting worse, i think i had helped Jakarta. We have to respect one another, to make us realize that Jakarta's brand new day is on our hands, so prove that we love Jakarta by making it a better place to live, to study, to enjoy, and to shopping hehehe..

Now, the second test is about personality. I had many experience about personality today. I had my SSCT inquering with Ci Angel, and i have to admit that i cried last afternoon. I wasn't become more sad after that, instead of feeling better. She is a good sister to me in our chit chat, good listener, and i hope i got good mark from her, too. We discuss about me and my life, i try to tell her everything that related on my SSCT's answers, and i thought it was success, and i was so glad on it.

In facebook personality quiz, i got the result as an introvert person. Well, if you had known me for well you'll disagree with this result, cause i am truly not an introvert one. I am so talkative, bla bla bla. But, after reading the whole answers, this below gray words, i thought i have to agree with it, it is me, but also got confused at the same time. Then, i am an introvert person, am i?

Tipe introvert kadang terlihat kurang expresif di dunia luar, sebagian dari para inrovert lebih menyukai pembicaraan yang bersifat diskusi atau bahasan-bahasan yang dapat memicu pengembangan dalam lingkup teman mainnya/golongannya. Bila berada dalam lingkungannya bisa saja seorang introvert bersikap sangat aktif dan expresif. Tipe ini memungkinkan juga untuk mempunyai banyak lingkup gaul, namun rasa memiliki umumnya hanya ada pada satu lingkup.qu Walau sangat memungkinkan seorang introvert dapat bergaul kemana-mana namun untuk membuka atau menerima sesuatu tidaklah mudah. Mempunyai loyalitas kuat pada golongan / kalangannya dan karena hal ini pula tipe introvert umumnya kurang dapat menilai secara obyektif, namun menjadikannya pelindung yang dapat diandalkan

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