Saturday, May 2, 2009

books and cakes

I loved both books and cakes. Umm, maybe i loved books better than cakes, especially chocolate cakes, it's not my favourite ones. And today, i added 2 books as my next favourite books. They are The Tales of Beedle The Bard by J.K. Rowling and Masak Seru Bareng Si Tukang Masak by Bara Pattiradjawane (one of Ambonese surename, a bit hard for me to remember hehe).

hugged Mickey

me and Desipus wearing blue shirts

me and Arlene

The first book tells about tales on Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, as a last Harry Potter series. It consists of 5 tales on magical story, and i remembered that Dumbledore gave this book to Hermione as his legacy. It makes me more curious to know, so i bought it. Arlene's brother, Cliff, was also curious about it, but he said that he'll wait for the movie, and it's about 3 years to go. I'll read this book first, because the second one will be read and practice in Manado on my next holiday hehe.

i miss Dumbly T.T

It's all because the last book is about recipes hehe. I bought this book, because many people told that all recipes there was simple to practice. I am a cook-beginner (hahaha, i don't know that it was wrong or not), and i planned myself to start learn to cook on June in Manado. I have planned myself to cook for my family hahaha, i alsp told mom that i have a secret to bring to Manado, but didn't say that it is my secret. Hope that i can be a good cooker, no need to be expert on cooking, but as long as they eat my food, i'll be happy x)

hope i can enjoy cooking hehe

Then, when i got home, i bought 1 cake and 3 donuts, which are i named cakes too.


3 donuts

I bought them from Novi eventhough I am not a cake lover, but i love these cakes because i don't need to eat them, because they all are towels! They are cute, aren't they? Now,I am still thinking who will i give these cake and donuts, haha, selfish mode : ON.

last picture before took a bath

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