Tuesday, May 12, 2009

betty boop on my handphone

Welcoming my new handphone chain, a-glamour-white-long-dress Betty Boop hahaha. I am not sure about the name, but, as i can describe, the sexy Betty Boop chain is using a glamour white long dress, so i named her after it. I have mem-PHK my old eeyore chain. I still love it, but, i prefer to keep it, before it'll more broken in my hand, please don't ask me why hehehe.

the Betty Boop chain

my old-still-cute-Eeyore chain

my handphone newest look

Thus, i used two Betty Boop's merchandise now. A wallet and handphone chain. Mmm, will Betty Boop be my next obsession?? hahaha. I guess not, i have no similarity with her. Not the face (still can guess it's round or square face), not the "boops" (oops, mine not as big as hers hahaha), not even the curly hair! But, i like Betty Boop anyway ♥♥

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