Sunday, May 3, 2009

shopping list

Whuah, i am so boros these days. I guess i have to list it, so i won't be boros again for the rest of this month. I hope so hehe.
  1. Daddy's birthday gift (i bought him shirt, as mom's recommended)
  2. Angel's birthday gift (i hope she'll happy with that hehe)
  3. 3 lipbalms from Bodyshop
  4. 2 body lotions from Bodyshop
  5. 3 pairs contact lens Soft Vue UC from Optic Seis
  6. A short for me from Avenue (i was so happy to find a short that suit to my body hehe)
  7. 2 books from Gramedia
  8. 4 towel cakes from Novi
  9. Clutch (yayy, i found it) from ITC Mangga Dua
  10. 1 flower shirt from ITC Mangga Dua
  11. Bag, which i was looking for many times before from ITC Mangga Dua
  12. 2 necklaces also from ITC Mangga Dua
  13. Oya, body mist from Body Shop, as the best part of these days x)
got you sweetheart

me and Arlene, finally we can sit for a while

Well, as i can count, that's all i have bought this less than 1 week. Oh, my, I was so boros. I hope i can save some money, so i can shopping in Bandung next month or maybe this month. But, i guess i have bought important stuff on these shopping time. I did and really did ;p

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angelica said...

anna.. kyapa nda bilang dang apa qt p kado?? hehee... qt mau le dang tu handuk2. bole liat depe foto2? bilang pa nn p teman, qt mo bli tu handuk2 deng harga calon teman dang hahaha...