Thursday, May 28, 2009

today was great

Today was really a great day. I woke up with a happy feeling, well, i have a very important task to do today, and my feeling just went right, it really did. My brother also greet-ed me just wanna say that he won IDR400000 for Barca's winnings on Champion League this morning. Great bro, he even changed his status on facebook for every several minutes just wanna proclaimed he got that "uang haram". Well, Sin, if you really thought that it was "uang haram" you won't be that happy, but, i really wanted him to share some, unfortunately, he's gonna exchange it to be a gift for his next-to-be-girlfriend. Huhuhu, poor me ya? =p

I also did football pools like my brother. I did it with him and went with MU. Unlucky me, he won! Still unlucky me, my CR7 played so bad on that match, as they told me, cause i didn't watch it. So, i have to do what he want me to. Mmm, it was an easy thing to do actually, but not for me. It was quite difficult indeed. I won't reveal here, but, i'll do that these days, cause i've promised him. He was so happy to find me embarrassed and looked so goffy while i have to do his wish, especially on taxi to have lunch and watch Night At The Museum 2. Huhuhu, poor me ya? =p

Then, i made a great movement on my renew passport task. I have paid that, took picture of myself, and did a really short interview. A Batakness guy who interviewed me helped me a lot, it made me wonder that sometimes i have to thank my surename. Many Batakness people around me, i couldn't notice them all, but, in this thing, i really felt that no matter what, Batakness people will always try to help his "brothers and sisters". I remembered his name was Ronny, well thanks bang Ronny. Now, i just have to take my passport on June 8, isn't it a really good news?? I am so happy, so does many people surround me :)

After finished all passport stuff, me and Stallone moved to Museum Bank Indonesia (MBI). It's free, guys, so why don't you come and enjoy it. We had fun there, he took my pictures there before i can sort it, cause i plan to send one to someone. I had resized it before start posting this post. Mm, i just wanna have fun with it, i'll tell you later where and why i sent it. Two most exciting areas there was old money collections and grab coins to find its details-try yourself, i am not sure about the name hehe. We took just half hour there before went to Mall Taman Anggrek to have Pizza Hut as our lunch, had also some window shopping ( i have crush on VnC shoes hihihi) and the last but not least, watched Night at The Museum 2 with Desipus and Arlene. I loved that movie, it was so funny and educated one. I even know that Napoleon Bonaparte has a short body hahaha. We separated with Stallone, then went to CitraLand to had dinner (thanks God it was Hoka-Hoka Bento) and shared today's stories, goods and bads.

Now, here i am on my working station posting this post. Would you mind to take a look on my photos today? Wishing a lot that tomorrow will be greater than today. Amen!

old city, Batavia

on the parking area

the museum's entrance

Bank Indonesia's metamorphs

grab and hold your own coins to find its details

the most worthed coin ever!

starring myself as R.A.Kartini =p

before left the museum

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