Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Bday, Babe :)

me and Babe in Jesus Bless statue

Today is my daddy's birthday. Sometimes i called him "Babe" means father in Betawi language. My youngest brother, Darling, sometimes called him "Babe" too. My mom called him "Babe" when she got a bit upset with daddy, so, name "Babe" was familiar in my home. I called him in the morning to say Happy Birthday while he was on his way to office. I talk something liked semoga sehat selalu, etc, like any usual birthday wish. But, i was happy, when he asked me first about my life here. Uhh, i loved that moment. I knew that every parents in this world' happiness are from their children. SO, i believed i do not need to buy him any gifts to prove that i care on him or to make him happy, but, by what i have done to make him proud of me. I keep promising myself, to be his #1 daughter (yeah, in literary i am the only daughter he got from God, but i'll be the best daughter as i can be). Thanks God, for added one year in my beloved daddy's life. Love you, Babe :)

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