Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kak Erna's wedding

I made the previous post after went to Kak Erna' wedding yesterday. Here's some pictures was taken there. FYI, i went to that wedding since 7am up to 10.30pm! Can you imagine how tired i am??

me and Kak Junita in the church, right after hearing their wedding vow

me, Immanuel, Jonathan, Kak Junita - lost children hahaha

*mukanya busuk2 banget* hehe

me, Kak Meska, groom and bride, Kak Jun, Kak Lucky

me, Jonathan, Immanuel, groom and bride, Kak Jun

But, we shared so much love there. I am looking forward for Kak Jun's wedding, next October. My mom has promised us to come to join this wedding. Oya, in the party yesterday, i saw one nanny, who has gesture and tor-tor like Inang. I miss her. But i think, they all in heaven was with us yesterday, watching their offspring shared happiness and love there. God bless us all :)

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