Saturday, May 23, 2009

finally after (almost) 2 years

This morning i went to campus to transfer money for my Cotton Ink, looking forward to hold it as soon as possible actually *blink blink* After that, me and Desi went to Siloam Hospital Kebon Jeruk to visit my aunt, who'd hospitalized since yesterday and also take my uncle's Kartu Keluarga-i belong to his family in Jakarta, which is one of the requirement needed to renew my passport.

Finally got it, we moved to Citraland to have lunch in Chowking because Desi was craving for their drink, i am not sure it is Naicha, Nacha, something like that, i liked it also. Then, i called my mom, asked her newest info and my friends'. Finished it, we decided to go to ITC Mangga Dua to add my laptop memory to be 2 GB. After that, we have shopping spree until 5.30p.m. I got cute stuff, i can't tell about it here, it was a bit embarassed me *blushing*. Then we went home by Express Taxi and we loved the driver. We really did. He played old songs on our way home, was so warm and educated man. He also challenged us to guess the singer, and if we could, he'll pay our argo. But, we failed on our 3 chances. We just answered the song writer, it was Pance Pondaag, but we couldn't answered Trio Ambisi as the singers . Poor us, have to pay IDR 45.000 as an argo hehehe.

One special moment today when Desi took my pictures on UNTAR. It was my first time to take pictures on the prasasti in front of my campus. This morning campus was quiet enough for me to be narciss-ed. Look my pictures below.

Tarumanagara Prasasti

Overall i was happy today, but missing my mom so much, and also her delicious food, mmm, i'll have it next week, mom had promised me to send Ayam Rica-rica, it'll be my seventh heaven sooner. Bunda, miss youuuu :)


ando Blog said...

ini baru foto di depan UNTAR ??

A.M.C -- Anna Mau Cerita said...

iya, ini dpnnya Untar bro.. keren kan? hehe.. berasa di museum karena ada prasastinya hehe..tukaran link dong..