Wednesday, May 27, 2009

missing chewy

big babooooolllll

I woke up today with a happy feeling cause i have no Bapres class today, so i just have to attend POD class on 1 p.m. What a free and happy day. And still, lucky me, i have no POD class, but have arrived safely in campus, then i go up to library to met Inggrid and Lin. While met them, i chewed my strawberry big babol. It's been 3 years for me not chew any chewing gum. I missed it a lot. It made me recall my younger days when i was in High School, chewed and chewed this gum almost everyday, especially on church.

first picture was candid by Ing

second picture : look at my chest, something looked so obvious there, thus i edited it, look like i
tipe-ex it, ya? hahahaha

they even fought for my gum, hahaha, sorry girls :p

happy go chewy!

Yayy! My cotton ink has arrived. Siska helped a lot to choose the right style for me using this shawl. Now, i am using it while wrote this post and also on phone with him. I loved today. I missed my brothers so much, they both are my goddamn happiness this day, serious. And for you, i do care for you, and always do (hope you read it). Cheers! :)

p.s : wishing so much for MU to win. So, i will win him, hohoho :p

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