Monday, May 25, 2009

little correction for my beloved daddy

My day was full. I have 2 classes and also have to print our (me and Ing) final assignment for PIO II first. Thanks God, it finished now. But i felt something missing for today, i got no call from him. Hmm, i have no idea, whats going on us, one thing for sure, he made me built one new perspective on him. I won't judge, cause i won't be judged too, but if you felt judged by me, i am sorry, i really didn't mean it.

At least, i am glad today. Post has come from Manado, contain of my special letter to accomplish my passport requirement. But, something interested me, my daddy's writing. Read it carefully guys, i've made a red circle on it. My daddy wrote there TOMANANG! For almost 2 years, he didn't know exactly where his only daughter live? I felt sad yet funny at the same time, seriously, my daddy was funny in his way, and i loved it.

the post package

see the red circle!

So, i texted him and mom, to tell that i've recieved the post, plus told them, that i lived in TOMANG. Guess what, my mom also sent me food last morning -as i requested her at Saturday- and also wrote Tomang in my address! hahaha. Mah, Pah, kok bisa salah gitu sih?
Well, now they knew that i lived in Tomang. It won't be unsent actually, because they wrote the correct street and number, even the postcode. Thanks anyway mamah and papah for sent me that post, i'm gonna prove a very good news for us in Thursday, i promised you. Love you much!

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