Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Closed Case : Mozilla Firefox

Haha, i don't know how to explain what i'm gonna say with this post, but, one thing for sure, i had problem with MF, but had solved it well with Cliff. I couldn't browse for 2 days, and it was troubled me a lot, especially when i have to prepare myself with POD presentation. I even couldn't open my daily site, like facebook, send an email by yahoo, and see my blog background. The only site for my days was Twitter-I love it so much afterward, serious! hahaha.

But, thanks Cliff, who helped this afternoon. Now, i can browse again, still with Mozilla Firefox, because i still dislike using Internet Explorer, dislike the full toolbar. I am so happy now. Cliff also gave me 3 seasons of Friends too, so i can watch it in further time. Hip Hip Hooray :D Thanks for today, Cliff and Inggrid.

Another things today :
- he gave his photo with his daddy and ask me to compare their "asset" hehehe
- i have a great presentation today with my group, but felt so sorry for her- no need to blame anyone, i am the one who can't restrain myself not to laughed at her, sorry ya..
- my mom keep reminding me to finish that stuff, huff, i am trying my best, bunda :)
- had a great gripes now, arrggghhh ><

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