Thursday, May 7, 2009

not just another Thursday

Renew Passport.
Well, the main schedule of today was renew my passport. I have to be finished before i go back to Manado next month, so if i have to accompany someone abroad (i wish it could be on July), i'll be ready hehe. But, i couldn't help that they refuse to make mine, because my old passport is in Manado. So, i have to bring the old one, show them (they'll keep it like daddy said or just check it), then i can make the new one. Huff, poor me and Syl-who'd accompany me this whole day, thank you so much, Syl, it really means a lot! But, we changed our schedule, i insisted Syl to visit some museum near to the Immigration Office, then here we go! =p

Visited some old museums
1. First, we went to Museum Seni Rupa dan Keramik. It's next to the Immigration Office. You just have to pay Rp2000 to enter the whole museum. I didn't really like this museum, a lot of paintings made me boring, so, we moved to the second museum.

circle ladder brings us to the top

me and Syl

the best painting there - in my opinion

the funniest painting there

in front of the museum - ignore the yellow map, please hehe

2. Museum Sejarah Jakarta. It's antique one and a bit spooky i think. It was an old town hall in Batavia (old Jakarta- the Batavia Park is in front of it). It was a huge office. I loved the Hermes statue outside the museum. One point i got there, because i met hundred high school student in museum, Jakarta's student loved their city so much, that they chose to visit museum rather than have fun in Mall. But, they took thousand photos there too, in thousand angle too. Maybe i can bring also some friends, not just Syl-my photographer hehe.

becak took me school when i was in kindergarten

old meriam

the only pose by Syl

Hermes statue outside the museum

3. We walked moved to the last museum, which is Museum Bank Mandiri. It was located in front of Station Kota. It was the most amazing one, the cleanest of all. But also made me afraid that maybe Syl will leave me alone there. Oh my, that bank was so huge! With numerous rooms, mannequins, also underground safety box place. Uhhh, i think i won't go there again at least 5 friends are with me.

i loved the glass wall

old typewriter

old phone

old money


the big book with all writings include

Watched X-Men Origin : Wolverine
While waiting for Syl to refresh his body with some drinks, we thought about the next destination. So, he had an idea to watch X-Men, i called Ing to ask her to go with us, but she has just watched it, so we went to Citraland for the next X-Men show. And, while waiting for the movie, we ate at Hoka-hoka Bento. Ummm, it was my first time in this year. Was so happy hehe. I always up with Hokben, no matter what, so, Paket C, please =p Then, we watched X-Men and it was awesome! I liked Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and in one scene i was almost cry, i just felt that his acting was so deep and touchful.

i heart Hugh Jackman a.k.a Wolverine

Sang in Summer Sound
After watched Xmen, Syl went home, and i went to Untar 2, watched their pensi, joined Desipus, Desi, Yoan and Josephine. But, since Josephine and Yoan went home, just three of us there, enjoyed the show, while waiting for the special guest to perform, they are Gruvi and Ello. Then Ko Steve joined us, enjoyed belly dancers, then Gruvi-sorry but i knew nothing about Gruvi but their single tittled Kumasih Mencintaimu, then Ello rock-ed the show! He was cool, he made us sang and even dance, yaaaahuuuuu! The best song i think Pergi Untuk Kembali, thought that he's somewhat similar with someone. Yes, he is. Liked it anyway :)

the man with blue jacket was Ello!

Actually, it is the longest post in this blog, until now. I posted many pictures here, hope that you can enjoy it, then try to experience it like me and Syl, especially in the museums. It was so not just another Thursday. Yaaahuuuu!

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